Friday, February 25, 2005

1) I'm talking to this guy who sells cars, and he asks if I'll help him. We go to some kind of convention and set up a booth, but nobody stops to talk to us, so I quit.

2) Ann Williams and her husband, Jon, are in Utah for Jon's promotion ceremony. It's at the Chapel, and I walk in and see a local TV news crew doing a segment, so I'm trying really hard to stay out of the view of the camera. There's a children's choir singing and they sound really great. Later that night, I'm at home watching the news, and I see the segment.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

1) I'm at a big science fair, but it's, like, in the 1800's or something because they have an old telephone here and the people are talking about how it's going to revolutionize the future.

2) I'm at the BX looking for a last minute gift for someone and picking up my dry cleaning. They're getting ready to close and the lady working there gives me attitude about being there so late.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

1) I get hired at Gap as a manager, and it's my first night of closing the store. I can't remember all the stuff I'm supposed to do, so I do what I can and then drive over to another Gap to ask their manager if I did everything right.

2) I'm getting a new job as a civilian on base, and the lady I'm going to be working with is showing me around the office. We're walking around, and we go into the Chapel and I see a Chaplain and his wife that say they recognize me, but they can't remember from where. So I start listing off all the places I've been stationed and TDY and deployed, and then they say where they know me from, but it's not one of the places that I've been. But they keep insisting that's where they know me from, so I just go along with it.

Friday, February 18, 2005

1) A bunch of people from Misawa are staying at this big hotel suite on a mini-vacation. We're going out the lobby doors and I see this really attractive girl, and she asks me what my name is, so we start talking and she tells me she has a drinking problem. She comes with us and we start going to all these different festivals around the area. We're all at one festival where everyone is jumping up and down and carrying these big sticks, and Kerry tries to explain it to us. We stay out all night long, and get back to the hotel suite the next morning. Everyone checks out and goes home, but when I get home, I realize I've left some clothes at the hotel, so I have to go back.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

1) I'm getting ready to leave Japan, along with Jimmy, and they don't have room for us in billeting, so we're staying at this tiny Japanese hostel. It's on the third floor of this old building, and to get up to it, we have to put a ladder together. But everytime we put the ladder together, someone comes along and takes it apart. Later, we're walking around outside and I jump in a little pond, but I don't know there's a drainage line in the bottom of the pond and I get sucked down into it and have to push myself out.

2) I'm walking around a mall and there are three guys walking a few feet behind me. They're talking really loud, and I can hear them say mean things about me. I get outside the mall and I see a big lake. As I'm walking by the lake, I see Jean-Marie hanging out in a little speed boat. I get in and we start talking. Then she gets out, so I decide to take the boat for a ride around the lake. I'm driving around, and I see a big cliff and Paul is at the top getting ready to dive off. I stop and watch him dive, then he swims over to the boat. I get in the water and start swimming. We're swimming around underwater, and I start to run out of breath, but Paul pulls me down and somehow conveys to me that he wants to know if it's possible to feel the presence of God underwater. I'm about to run out of air, so I just nod yes and start to swim up, but Paul pulls me down again and tries to ask me another question. I just start nodding and then Paul nods back and we both swim up to the surface.

3) I'm at a Gap in Vegas and I'm asking them about getting my old job back, but they tell me they're over-staffed. I start talking with everyone and then Mike, one of the managers, asks me to take some jeans back to the stock room. I take them back, and Mike meets me back there and tells me he's going to put me on the schedule anyway.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

1) I'm at my old house in Morganfield, and Jeff Young is there and he's really upset. I'm trying to talk to him and find out why, but he won't tell me. So, I'm walking around the back yard, and I see Paul hidden behind some trees, so I go talk to him. He tells me everyone is really angry with him, so he's hiding out for a while.