Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1) I'm walking down the main road in Morganfield, between my house and downtown. The leaves on the trees are so thick and green, they make a tunnel over the road. I'm walking toward the library, and I see these two old ladies talking on the sidewalk. I say hi to them, and one of them looks at me funny, but keeps talking anyway. I'm almost downtown, and Dad picks me up in a blue van. We're driving to Church, but the street before Church is blocked off for a parade, so we take a detour around the bank. I park the van, and I see a bunch of my uniforms in the back. There's a girl in the street telling us we can't cross because of the parade.

Monday, April 27, 2009

1) I'm walking through an outdoor mall with Alex. Every store is a candy store, and I'm trying to find something that looks good, but a lot of stuff is really expensive. I find a place that sells fudge and buy a few ounces. We leave the mall and drive to a shed out in the woods. There are a bunch of people meeting there for a fishing trip. Jim is there and he's waiting on his dad. Keena is getting all his fishing gear on the boat. Corey and Johnny are laying on the floor.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1) I'm deployed, and I'm walking around camp barefoot. Everyone in camp is going to the chow hall at the same time, so I run back to my tent to grab some shoes, and by the time I get back outside, everyone is gone. I walk around for a few minutes, hoping someone I know will come walking by. I see Justin Hubbard, and we walk through camp, which ends up looking like a really old city. Suddenly there are people and busses everywhere. We look for a place to eat, and decide on a take out place. We take our food back to the day room, and there are all kind of weird board games.