Saturday, March 31, 2007

1) For some reason, I'm staying with this family I don't know. The parents are really nice, and they have two daughters who like to get into trouble. One morning, I'm in the bathroom putting on my uniform, and the older daughter walks in and starts talking to me. It's making me uncomfortable because I'm half-naked, but she doesn't seem to care. Both daughters and I go to the store to pick up some groceries. On the way home, we stop in this big field to talk to their boyfriends. There's a big marsh in the middle of the field and these strange plants are growing there. On the plants are these big brown and yellow bugs that keep pooping all over the place. We go back to their house, and the parents are talking and the older daughter is paranoid because she's pregnant and doesn't want her parents to find out. Suddenly, everyone breaks into song and it's like a big broadway musical and we're all on stage singing and dancing around. I'm just trying to get off the stage because I don't know any of the songs or dance numbers.

Friday, March 30, 2007

1) I'm visiting Don and Jessi, who have a new baby. I go to church with them, and I think it's Easter Sunday, but there aren't a lot of people there because it's a really small church. Kasey is there, and we're both playing with the baby. After church, Kasey asks if I want any of the furniture because they're trying to get rid of some of it. There's a bunch of really cool stuff like chaise lounges and love seats. I want a few pieces, so I try to make room in my truck. Kasey picks up this huge sofa and hauls it all the way to my truck, and somehow, it fits.

Monday, March 26, 2007

1) I'm TDY and Mom and my brother are with me. Every morning we drive to work and I have to change into my uniform in a locker room. I leave my backpack in the locker room without locking it up, but Mom tells me to start taking my iPod out and bringing it with me to work. We walk all over the base but I'm not really sure what our job is. It's always overcast and rainy. Toward the end of our trip, we go to this big cookout, but there aren't a lot of people there.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

1) I'm working some weird job where all I have to do is wash trucks and equipment all day. I'm at one place where I'm washing a big machine, and Garah is running it. I don't know what it does, and she tries to explain it to me, but it doesn't make any sense. We start talking about stuff we did when we were kids. I go back to the main factory, and some kind of wild animal has gotten loose inside, and everyone is scared. I go into the break room, and a bunch of my friends from japan are in there. They tell me that Aleric is going to come over, so I decide to wait around so I can talk to him. But when he gets there, he acts like he doesn't know who I am.

Monday, March 19, 2007

1) I'm a roadie for Sleater-Kinney, and we're setting up for a show in a hotel room. There are all kinds of boxes everywhere, and I'm not sure what goes where, so I'm asking a lot of questions. Carrie has shaved her head, and she's asking me to help out with the sound check, but one of the roadies asked me to put up a bunch of Christmas decorations. Carrie says the sound check is more important than the decorations and they're behind schedule and, plus, she's the boss. I go to tell the other guy I'm gonna help Carrie with the sound check.

Monday, March 12, 2007

1) I'm back at the house in Morganfield. I'm taking a shower one morning, and when I get out, there are a lot of people in my bathroom just staring at me. I have a towel around my waist, and I'm trying to put my underwear on without dropping my towel. Jean-Marie is laughing at me. I leave my bathroom and go into my bedroom, and now everyone is in there. I'm fixing my hair and stuff, and they're all having a good time and laughing. I go into the kitchen to make some oatmeal, but my Mom is using the microwave. Somehow some oil has gotten into my oatmeal, and I'm trying to spoon it out. I'm getting impatient with my Mom because I really need to cook my oatmeal. Plus, I want to go talk to everyone in my bedroom.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

1) I'm a little kid again, and I'm at home eating a sandwich for lunch. My Mom is frustrated because the only thing I'll ever eat is bologna. We're all watching television, and there are a bunch of old ladies on some show talking about Vietnam. I start crying because I feel bad about my Dad and all the friends he lost over there. My brother walks over and gives me a hug. My Mom makes me a cheese sandwich and I eat the whole thing.

Friday, March 09, 2007

1) I get deployed to Guatemala, and when we get there, they tell us there are too many of us, so half are going to get sent back home. I volunteer to stay, even though the people who get sent home get $50. They're asking everyone in the squadron if they want to stay, and I'm really hoping this guy I work with wants to go home because he talks way too much and I don't want to have to work with him. But he decides to stay, but I'm not bothered because George Clooney is deployed with us, and he decides to stay, too. Those of us who stay are getting issued all kinds of food rations, so I'm carrying all my gear across the camp, trying to find my tent. I try to remember where we stayed last time I was in Guatemala, but I get to the end of the camp, and I still haven't found it, so I turn around and head to the other side.