Sunday, December 28, 2008

1) I'm in a college class, and it ends. I'm walking out to my truck, and I overhear a group of guys talking about Mad Men. I haven't seen it, but I strike up a conversation with them anyway. I ask if they need a ride somewhere, and they do. There are four of them and two girls, and we all somehow cram into my truck. We start driving and I check what's playing on my iPod. It's Allison Eastwood, who I didn't even know sang. We're driving through what sort of looks like Morganfield, and then it kinda looks like Henderson. There are trees down all over, like a storm just came through. I'm driving really crazy, swerving and going off the road and stuff. I think everyone in the car is kinda scared, but I don't care.

2) I'm meet up with Sherry, a girl I went to college with. She needs a ride somewhere, so I pick her up at her house. We're in the white LeBaron. She asks if she can drive, so I start to get out, but she just sits on my lap. We start to drive on a dirt road, and there's a big mud puddle, and I wonder if the car will make it through.

3) I'm in some kind of sci-fi movie with a hot chick and maybe Sylvester Stallone. We on a space ship and we've been captured by some aliens. They have us in a cage made of lasers, and we're trying to figure a way out. We have two bath robes, and we know how to turn off the cage. There are two guys that come in periodically that are trying to help us, too. The hot chick has a map of the space ship, but there are aliens walking all over the place, so we're not sure we can get out undetected.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

1) I'm a freshman in college, but this time, I'm going to a huge university that's right next to a beach. I'm taking a language course, and there's homework for it every night. Every morning before I go to class, I stop by the bookstore and buy a notebook because I'm not sure if I have one. The bookstore is always very busy. I somehow got a job coaching the women's indoor soccer team, and I recruited Garah. We score a goal in our first game, but I think we might have had too many players on the field. I'm walking to class one morning, and I decide to take the long way by the beach, and there are two guys walking behind me talking about drums. I stop by one of the dorms to walk with one of the girls in my class, and Michael Cera is walking with her, too. I see a poster that says I'm running for freshman class president, and I'm wondering how many other people are running.

Friday, December 26, 2008

1) I'm at some kind of bike race in California, and there's an 80-year-old lady racing. I'm standing near the finish line, and the old lady crashes right before she crosses. The crash looks really bad, but she gets right up and walks across and everyone cheers. There's a TV crew there, and they're interviewing a girl whose husband just lost his job, but they want to travel Europe, so I tell them if they're ever in Italy, they can stay with me.

2) I'm at some kind of boarding school in Italy. It's really small, and looks like it used to be a house. I'm walking around inside, and asking one of the teachers questions about it. There's a couple sneaking around, and I'm kinda following them, but still wanting to see the school. I go down some stairs and end up in a big mall. I see the same couple waiting for the train, but decide to do some shopping because it's after Christmas now and there are bound to be some good sales.

Friday, December 12, 2008

1) Abby, Charis, a few other people, and I are supposed to be installing a water line in this big boiler room. It's going to be a difficult job because we're going to have to jack up some concrete and trench. Then we find this control panel that makes part of the floor disappear, and we're all happy because it will make our job much easier. We're trying to lay the pipe in the trench, and someone decides we need a break, so they put on some old Ben Stiller movie. I leave the job site and end up in some kind of Christian assembly in a big auditorium. There are people singing on stage, and it's pretty good. I want to go get Abby and Charis, but I don't want to miss anything. I look around, and I see that they've already arrived, so we sit in the floor and enjoy the music. After it's over, I'm trying to get outside, but it's really crowded. I start climbing up the wall to a really high window, but once I get to it, it won't open. I somehow get outside, and I can't find Abby or Charis. I start walking down the road, and I find a bunch of Transformers in the grass. I start trying to transform them, but they're the new ones and they're really complicated.

Friday, December 05, 2008

1) Johnny and I are in Zurich, and we're walking down the street checking out little shops and stuff. I stop in a sunglass boutique, and the lady behind the counter is singing a soul song really loud, but she's really good. I have on my black Pradas and another customer asks to see them. I take them off and hand them to her. She holds on to them for a long time, so I have a seat. Johnny comes and sits sideways on my lap and asks when we're going to leave. I want to leave, but the lady won't give me back my sunglasses.

2) I'm getting ready to leave for work. I look outside and it's raining really hard, and I see a bunch of booths lined up along my street. It looks like some kind of festival, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to drive down the road and make it to work. I debate calling MSgt Hammes.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

1) I go home, and my Dad is in the garage working on this really cool, futuristic-looking motorcycle. Mom comes home for lunch just as some other guy comes along because he wants to buy Dad's motorcycle. Dad tells me to let this guy ride it around the yard for a while, and to watch him to make sure he actually knows how to ride. He and Mom go inside. The guy starts riding around the yard. It gets really windy and I'm looking up at the sky watching these really cool cloud formations move really fast across the sky. Parts of the clouds start to break off and form into angels. The angels come down and start walking along the Earth. One stops right in front of me and says, "We don't want you in Heaven, but we don't want you in Hell, either." Then she gives me a Glasgow smile. She repeats her phrase, and I fall to the ground, bleeding.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

1) I'm travelling with a bunch of people (deployed?), and we're shopping in this huge market. Anna is there, and she says Dave is going to get married to some other girl. I feel bad for her and buy her a teddy bear. We all meet at a bar before going out to dinner, and Jeremiah is there. I'm surprised to see him at a bar. There are some music videos playing on a bunch of televisions on the wall, and Jeremiah is dancing around to one of them. We go outside, and we're in this really futuristic city. The streets are really wide and shiny, and there are little lakes all over the place. Some people jump in the lakes and start playing with beach balls. I don't want to get wet, so I start tossing a baseball with Alec.

Monday, December 01, 2008

1) I'm at work on a Friday afternoon, and there isn't much going on. It's a really clear day, so I'm thinking about going up to the top of one of the water towers and taking some pictures of the mountains. After work, a bunch of us get on a train to go to a White Stripes show. Kerry is with us, and she has all out tickets. We get off the train and practically run to the venue. There are fourteen of us. Kerry is first in line, and right behind her, there are some little 12-year-olds. I stand with Kerry for a second, and then go back to the rest of the group, and Kerry follows me. We start thinking about where we're going to stay that night, and I mention of a hostel I know right next to the venue (perhaps from a previous dream?). I get out of the line and go look for the hostel. I ask in Italian if they have any rooms free, and the lady says she can put six per room. I tell her we have fourteen, and she says she doesn't have much money. I tell her we'll all be paying in cash, and make the reservation. I'm walking back toward the venue, and I see Johnny and Corey. They're walking really fast and I'm practically running to keep up with them. I scream out to them to slow down, and everyone else around laughs at me.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

1) I'm helping with a children's Sunday School class at my old Church in Morganfield. The main teacher keeps asking me for ideas for games or lessons for the kids. After Sunday School, I'm waiting in the parking lot for my Mom, and I set up my iPod right in the middle, so people can listen to music on their way to the worship service. The teacher comes by again asking for lesson ideas. Mom comes out and I tell her I don't really want to go to worship. She says I don't have to, but she's going to go anyway. I song with bad lyrics comes on my iPod, so I run up and try to shut it off, but it won't turn off, so I throw it in the back of Chris Thompson's car. I go into the service, even though they've already started, and sit down. There's a guy next to me in the pew in a hockey outfit. I get home before Mom, and I'm sitting in my room. I go to look for something to eat in the pantry, and I see a bunch of old spray paint cans. I take them into the basement and start spraying them to get rid of whatever is inside so I can take them to the recycling plant. Dad comes home and I tell him what I'm doing. He acts really depressed and goes into his bedroom. I hear a bunch of motorcycles outside, so I look out my bedroom window and see a big biker gang in the driveway of Mr. Clements's house across the street. They see me looking at them and they take off.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

1) I'm in a deployed location somewhere, and it's raining really hard. I'm walking around camp with some guys in my shop. We stop at finance, and they tell me that when I get my utility bills, I have to go to the home fuels office to pay it. I tell them that I have automatic payments out of my Italian bank account, but they say it doesn't matter. I'm wondering if this is why my last bill was so high. We leave finance and we're walking into a restricted area of the base. There's a really cute girl working the gate, and one of my friends tries to hit on her. She tells him it's not working and that she won't let us in, so I tell her in a very non-threatening way to let us in. She thinks about it for a while, and starts to open the gate, but then her commander comes along and pushes her down.

Friday, November 28, 2008

1) I move to a big city somewhere, and my only choice of places to live are in these huge high-rise apartment buildings. I'm trying to find one close to work, and I keep looking at a map to find a decent one. I go inside the lobby of one, and ask if they have anything available, and the lady tells me they just rented their last one. Then I see MSgt Hammes walking out and he tells me he just got the last one. I get on my bike and I'm riding through downtown, wondering what their laws are for bike riders. There are tolls all over the place, but I don't pay any of them.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

1) Nick Fuoss, Jack Black, a few other people and I are visiting a really old castle. There's a creepy caretaker who says we can go wherever we want. I start going down some really steep stairs. Nick is right behind me. I end up in some kind of dungeon and it's really cramped, so I tell Nick to turn around because I want to get out. We go back outside. Jack and one of the girls get trapped in some kind of hidden room for a long time, and the caretaker tells them they have to work their way out, so they have to rotate this giant rock to keep it from falling in a water hole.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

1) I'm getting deployed, and the military is paying for us all to spend a weekend in a really nice spa. I'm taking a shower and these people keep coming in and bringing me soap and towels and stuff. After I leave the shower, this lady says she's going to give me a massage. At first, I don't want one, but then decide to go ahead and take it. She makes me go into a room for a few minutes where these guys take a bunch of pictures of me. When I leave the room, I find out they've made an exact clone of me. The massage lady finds me again, and brings me into another room. My clone is in there laying on his back. She lays some pillows on top of him, and I lay on the pillows so my clone and I are face to face. She says this is somehow supposed to relax me and help me look into my inner chi or chakra or something. I'm start talking to my clone, and he knows he's a clone, and I wonder what will happen to him after I leave. He asks another guy in the room if he's supposed to hear Madonna's voice talking to him. I lean down and start making out with my clone for a minute. He gives really wet kisses, but they're still kinda nice. The massage lady tells me to relax and she starts rubbing my back.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

1) I'm living in a dorm, and after work one day, I see Mikey and ask if he wants to get dinner that night. He says yes, and I tell him I'll try to find Jay so he can go, too. I look all over for Jay, and when I find him, he's volunteering to help with some kind of banquet that night. He asks if I can move his truck for him. His truck is really big, and I'm worried about hitting stuff because I'm not used to driving it. Joe Powell is there, too, and he's trying to get stuff prepared for the banquet, and I tell him I haven't seen him since high school.

2) I'm walking around some town in Italy with Meredith and a couple other people. We stop in a little clothing store, and Meredith is picking out cool shirts for me. I start talking to the manager and she asks if I want to work there. I tell her I will, but that I can only work nights. I start meeting all the other people that work there, and I find that Theresa has moved to Italy and is working there, too. I get a copy of the next week's schedule, and I'm not on it yet. I keep asking if they want to me to work that weekend, and they say everyone works the weekends. I get worried about what time I'm supposed to be there. I walk outside, and the manager is sitting under a tree, and she tells me to come sit down. Then she starts asking me about the lyrics to a song she heard and what they mean. Something about a silver ladder and making a clock.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1) There is a hurricane or something coming, and I'm at home helping everyone pack things up and move to a better place. I see Dan and Paul, who I didn't think knew each other. I'm carrying a bunch of bags, and I'm trying to catch up with them, but they're really far ahead. After we drop off everything, a bunch of us are at a bar. I'm sitting with Joann, and I see Dan at another table. I'm wondering why he hasn't talked to me yet, and I think he and Joann would get along great. I get up to see if Joann wants to meet Dan, but when I turn around, she's gone. Corey says she's gone on another cruise.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1) I'm on base and some kind of exercise is going on, but I'm not really playing in it. I'm really hungry and I see a carload of girls going to lunch together, so I ask if I can hop in. I get inside, and they're all really funny and telling jokes and stuff. We get to a big cafeteria, and I sit at a table. I'm waiting for the girls to sit down, and there are a couple guys at a nearby table being really obnoxious. I think that maybe I should go beat one of them up, but they're both much bigger than me. Then I think it won't matter if I get beat up because they were the ones being rude and I will get sympathy from the girls. We go back outside and we're going to go back to work, but someone's car needs to be towed, so we're trying to find out how to tie the cars together. Amy Poehler is there, and I want to tell her this great idea I have for an SNL skit, but I'm sure she hears stuff like that all the time. We end up having, like, seven or eight cars tied together in a big train, but the only thing holding them together is a little magnet. I'm waiting at the exit and I see the first five cars drive by, but the last two or three got left behind.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1) Sherry and Jennifer, two girls from high school, come through Italy and stop for a visit. We decide to go shopping and end up at a mall in Utah. We go into a store and they're both looking for girl clothes, but I can't find the men's section. They catch up with me, and we find the men's section, but it's really small, and I don't find anything I like. We go back to Garah's house, which looks like my grandparents' house. We're tossing the frisbee outside, and it starts raining. Amy shows up, and we keep playing, even though it's totally pouring. We go back inside, and everyone takes off their wet clothes and I feel really awkward. Sherry is totally staring at my junk.

2) I'm working outside the Chapel, for some reason, and it's early in the morning. Some people show up, and are waiting outside. I use my work keys to let them in. They start singing songs, and invite me to hang out with them. They start getting really charismatic and waving their hands and dancing around. I just kinda stand there with my head bowed, but this lady next to me keeps grabbing my hands and rubbing on my arms. She pushes me into a crowd in the middle of the room and I can hear them all singing and crying. The song is really beautiful.

3) Jon and Garah are babysitting two little black girls, and decide to take them to the pool. They invite me, and when we get to the pool, it's really crowded. One of the girls has some legos, and we start to build some kind of castle. She wants to take the legos out on a raft in the water, but I tell her they'll fall off and get lost. We continue putting the castle together on the side. Garah goes over to the fence and suddenly falls asleep on the ground. Jon goes over and falls asleep, too. I walk over and I smell some kind of weird gas and I get really tired, but I keep myself awake. I grab Jon and Garah by the feet and try to pull them away. The girls are walking over, but I tell them to stay away. Nobody else seems to realise what's going on.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

1) I'm trying to organise some kind of movie night on base, but Corey has the movie we're supposed to watch, and nobody knows where he is. Somebody tells me that the fire fighters have a bunch of movies, so I get in a truck and head to the fire department. For some reason, I'm in my blues, and while I'm driving there, this girl hops in the back of the truck. She's a lieutenant, and she's in her blues, as well. We have to trek through the woods to get to the fire station, and we meet up with two other guys, both in their blues, too. After we get there, I'm hanging out with the fire fighters, and they get me to eat this sandwich made with two sugar cookies and some kind of blue paste in the middle. Afterward, I have to lie down. They put this big blue tarp over me, and I pretend to go to sleep. I feel somebody crawl on top of me and put something on my neck.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

1) I'm shopping at a grocery store, and a lady that works there tells me I could be shopping more efficiently. She hands me a list of food to buy, and tells me I have a certain amount of time to get it. I start racing around the store, but some of the stuff on the list they don't have. She keeps checking on me, and I'm trying to read the labels on all the stuff I'm buying, just to take more time to spite her. The lady is being really condescending, and when she walks the other way, I put all the food back. I'm walking toward the exit, and I see Pat Gamblin walking in, but she's talking on her cell phone, so I just smile and wave. Then my whole family is behind her. Dad asks why I'm upset, but just then I see MSgt Lewis's daughter and she's about to fall down, so I run to catch her.

2) I'm in the middle of a road and a bunch of friends from high school are on the side of the road. There's a car coming, so I'm walking to the side of the road and I drop my cell phone. I just leave it in the road, and when I turn around, the car runs right over it. I go back to grab it, and my phone isn't damaged at all, but it looks different and folds in half to make it smaller and easier to fit in my pocket. All my friends are going out to eat, so I follow them to the restaurant. When I get there, they're deciding whether to stay or not.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

1) I'm in my shop, and this lady with a baby comes in and asks if she can use my computer. I assume she's the wife of someone in the squadron, so I say yes. I log off, and when I take my card out, all these web pages start flashing on the screen, none of which I've ever been to. A few of them are pornographic, and I'm a little embarrassed. I tell her I don't know why they're coming up like that, and she acts like she doesn't believe me. Then some really weird pages about African art come up, and I'm all, "Really, I have no interest in African art." Then she starts to believe me. Tony Hairston comes in and starts telling jokes to Ryan. I hear the joke, but I keep missing the punch lines, and I don't want to act like an idiot and keep asking him to repeat the punch lines.

Friday, September 26, 2008

1) I'm in a church I've never seen before. My whole squadron has just finished PT, and I need to shower before I go to work. I'm walking around with my uniform in my bag trying to find out if they have a locker room. I walk up to the third floor and I see Nate Lawson, who has obviously got out of the shower. I ask him where the shower is, and he says there isn't one. I keep looking and find the shower, but now I don't have time because I don't want to be late for work. I walk outside and the Tour de France is going by. Shaun and Nate are watching it, and they're talking about throwing rocks and sticks at the riders.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

1) I'm staying with Stacy, a girl I went to high school with. She's married to another guy I went to high school with, but I don't know where he is. I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie, and Stacy keeps getting closer and closer to me. I tell her I'm going to take a shower, and she gets a towel out for me, but won't leave the bathroom. So I go back and sit on the couch. Stacy practically sits on top of me. I tell her she's making me uncomfortable, and she acts really hurt. I go back into the bathroom, and when I pull back the shower curtain, it's a huge bathtub that I could practically swim in.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

1) My Mom is taking pilot lessons and she's about to get her license. I'm on a really small plane with her and three or four other people. Mom is flying it, and we're taking off from the airport. There are tons of other planes all over the place, and Mom is having a hard time getting clearance from the tower. They finally give her the go-ahead, and we're going down the runway. She has to manoeuvre around all these other aircraft. Suddenly, I'm in a car following Mom's plane through downtown Morganfield. She's flying really low and can't get through all the power lines. The plane crashes right across the street from our Church. I speed over and pull everyone out of the plane. They're all fine, and Mom is really angry because she was doing what the tower told her to do, but they didn't give her enough time to gain altitude over the city. She hops in the car with me and we go to the police station. Dad is there, and he says the cops have to put everyone in the plane in jail for 30 minutes.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

1) I'm in a hospital operating room with a bunch of doctors. A new guy in my squadron, Bob, is laying unconsious on the operating table. The doctors ask me if he's ready for his operation, and I tell them I've taken all the change out of his pockets. One of the doctors starts putting all these paper towels around his chest, I'm guessing to soak up blood when he cuts Bob open. He does some other prep work, and then all this change starts falling out of Bob's pockets. All the doctors glare at me, like I didn't do what I was supposed to do. I get the rest of the change out of his pockets, and then the doctors tell me to just go ahead and take his pants off. So another guy and I take off his pants. Then the doctor asks me if I want to make the first incision. So I take the knife and I make a cut in Bob's chest, and it doesn't feel like I thought it would. After that, the doctor says we have to put Bob on the floor for a minute, and I think, "Well, that can't be very sanitary." But I do what the doctor tells me anyway.

2) I'm hanging out with some guys from work at a barbecue in a park. We're talking about what happened the night before at the bar, but I wasn't there, so I'm just listening to their stories. I see Pat Fawcett walk by and wonder if he recognises me. Aaron starts talking about how he tried to text Steven, but Steven never responded. Then he punches in some numbers on his phone and this big fire ball comes out of the sky and hits the tree next to us. Everyone starts laughing about it, but I'm thinking, "Wow! That was really close!" Then they all start punching numbers into their cell phones and all these big fire balls start falling. I'm running all over trying not to get hit by one of them, and run beneath a shelter.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

1) I show up to PT Friday morning, and I'm getting ready to run with everyone in my squadron. Then some guy comes up to me and asks if I can move my truck, so I move it into some kind of indoor parking garage. I'm trying to find a spot, and there are lots of people walking around, making it hard to drive. I get back to my squadron, but they've already run and I missed it. They were in some kind of race with another squadron, and we won. Then everyone lines up for a big formation, and I pass by a female Major from the other squadron. She gives me a really mean look, so I salute her because I think that's what she wants me to do. Then we all get called to attention, and the Major keeps glaring at me. I have no idea why she's upset.

Monday, September 08, 2008

1) I'm deployed to Afghanistan with everyone in my shop. While we're there, we all get tasked for security duty. I'm at one end of the compound with a cop, and we're sitting at our post talking. He's telling me all about his job, and how our rotations go. I finish my time there, and go to the other side of the compound where MSgt Lewis is posted. Eventually, almost all the guys from my shop are there, and we're hanging out and socialising. I look into the compound and see that we're really high in the air. I start thinking about how I'm going to blog my deployment, especially if we're up in the clouds.

Friday, September 05, 2008

1) I'm on a youth trip, and we're staying in a big hotel. I don't know anyone there except Brother Sam. We all wake up one morning for Church, and decide to go to breakfast beforehand. Sam tells me the place we're going has wi-fi, so I bring my computer along. I have to go to the bathroom, and I'm standing at the urinal trying not to drop my computer. I leave the bathroom and I'm looking for the table where everyone is sitting. I walk to the lower floor, and don't see anyone. I walk back upstairs and see everyone back in the corner. I ask if they've already ordered. I'm getting ready to sit down and I drop my computer.

Friday, August 08, 2008

1) My brother and his wife decide to have a second wedding, this one more formal and in a Church. I'm getting ready to go to the wedding, and my Grandmother asks if I can help her get ready. I'm retrieving her shoes and purse, and I accidentally trip and mess up her hair. She's very upset, but tries not to let me know. I take her to her house so she can redo it. Her house is all decorated for Valentine's Day. We get to the wedding and I see my Mom all dressed up. I tell her she's beautiful and I start crying.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

1) I'm working on a highway construction crew, and it's the end of the day and we're driving home. I'm sitting in the bed of a pickup truck with a few other guys. We're driving down this narrow highway with big walls on either side. Suddenly, a big barrel starts rolling at us, but because of the walls, the driver can't go around it. The barrel bounces right over us. Then another one, which also bounces over us. Then a really big barrel comes at us. Each time, we think it's going to kill us, but it keeps bouncing over us. We stop the truck to check out the big barrel. Then we see another truck coming toward us. We think it's going to help us take care of all the barrels, but it just keeps charging toward us. Just when we think it's going to hit us, it starts to fly over us. The tail end of the truck lands on me and two other guys. It feels like it's crushing us, but we don't die.

2) I'm at a really big church, attending a service on Sunday morning. After the service, I'm walking out and see a little shop next to the exit. I go inside and buy a poster. When I pay for it, the cashier girl apologises because it's a really expensive poster. I tell her I don't care. There are two girls in line behind me, and they are giggling. I glance at them, and one says, "You smell like alcohol!" I tell the cashier girl I'd also like a Corona, and she rings it up and hands it to me. Then the girl behind me says, "Your fingernails are dirty!" I tell her I work construction, and then I give her the poster I just bought. They both giggle some more. I walk outside with the beer and start drinking it. I'm trying to remember where I parked, and I'm trying to think of the best place to drink the beer. I don't want to sit in my truck and drink it, but there aren't any tables or anything around.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1) My parents and their friends are visiting Vegas with me. I have my own hotel room, and one day I come back and there's some old guy sitting on my bed. I start talking to him, and he's really nice, but he keeps wanting me to lay down with him. I ask how he got in, and he says there weren't any other rooms left, so they just threw him in with me. I leave the room and meet my parents at the mall inside the casino. I see an Armani store, and I'm trying on sunglasses. My parents tell me they're going to buy my a pair, but I can't decide on which ones I want. I can tell the sales lady is getting frustrated because I keep trying on different pairs and none of them look just right. One pair looks like it was made out of meat, and when I pick them up, they fall apart. Mom gives me some really expensive gloves, and I think she wants me to use them to pay for the sunglasses, but the Armani lady says they only take cash.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

1) It's near Christmas, and I'm back in Kentucky. I'm doing some Christmas shopping. After leaving the mall, I go by Toys-R-Us, and it's really new and modern. They have all these really fancy, hi-tech toys. I go to another part of the store, and it's all action figures. Everyone is sitting around playing with these GI Joes that take on the shape of your face when you hold them. I go to another part and see a bunch of life-size Transformers, and they're having an argument about something. I see all my friends from Italy there, and they're talking about how you can become a cartoon character on the Simpsons, and when you sleep, your cartoon character self lives in Simpsonland. It kinda creeps me out, so I pass. Jason says he needs to go home, but he doesn't want to sleep at his house, so I tell him he can crash at my house.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

1) I'm at my house in Morganfield, and I walk outside into the driveway. I look over at the Gamblin's house, and it looks like they're getting ready to go boating. Garah comes over and we start talking. I tell her I'm thinking about going to the river today, too, and she says she'll come with me. We walk to the river, and there's a big marina there. David Bowie has a houseboat there, and it's really modern and brightly coloured. We go onto the house boat, and I see Brian Doughty there. Garah starts talking to David Bowie, and I'm talking to Brian, but the whole time, I'm wondering what Garah and David are talking about.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

1) I'm working on a weekend, and I keep switching in and out of uniform. I'm doing some repairs on a well, and MSgt Hammes and SSgt Barnett show up. They say there's just looking around, but I feel like they're checking up on me. I go home and Abby is there. We're hanging out in my living room, and Abby says, "Is that a horse in your yard?" I look outside, and there's a horse walking just outside my fence. I walk outside, and my vision starts to get really blurry, especially in my right eye. After that, we meet up with Shaun and go to some guy's house because he's having a party. The whole time I'm worried about having to go to work or getting a standby call. There are lots of drugs there, and even though Shaun acts freaked out, I think he secretly wants to try some. We leave the party, and I go to my parents' house, which looks like a cross between their house and my house. Nobody's home, so I go inside and start playing with Rudy. I let him outside, and he's really excited and starts running around. I'm chasing him around and laughing. There's a big waterslide in the back yard, and he keeps jumping in and sliding down. One time he jumps in and the pressure surges and he comes out the bottom really fast and hits the house really hard. I run over and see him lying in a pile of leaves. I pick him up and he's broken his neck and he's not breathing. I start crying.

Monday, July 07, 2008

1) I've been volunteered to meet General Franklin's (the base commander for Aviano) plane, so I put on my best uniform and head to the flightline. His plane lands, and I walk up the stairs and salute and all the other stuff I'm supposed to do. Then I see the whole USAFE commander with him, so I do all the proper military stuff again. General Franklin starts joking around with me and tells me to loosen up. We leave the plane, and I meet his assistant, another Staff. He and I and couple other airmen walk behind the hangar and we're looking around for some kind of part he needs to fix the airplane. I ask him how he likes his job, and he says it's pretty cool, but he doesn't have time to meet girls or anything.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

1) I'm managing a band, and we have a deal set up with a guy who runs a club. The band is supposed to play there, and the club guy is supposed to promote it, but he's backing out on his end of the deal. Meanwhile, I have to go to work on base on a weekend and take care of some wells. I'm driving around base trying to find some chlorine and I get a standby call at the dorm. I get there and I'm looking for a certain dorm room, wondering if it's someone I know. After that, I'm hanging out with Abby and bunch of her friends. We're playing Pictionary, and everything Abby draws has to do with nursing, but nobody can guess what she's drawing because nobody else knows anything about nursing and she's drawing really complicated stuff. After that, we go to a mall, and I walk into a music store and see all these Madonna albums I don't own. I'm wondering how I'd never heard of them before.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

1) I'm at a Madonna concert. She's performing in a big stadium, and is using the entire field as her stage. I'm sitting at a bar at one end with a bunch of girls I don't know. They're really nice, though, and we keep buying each other drinks. Madonna has an entire marching band with her, and I keep watching the video screens because I can't see very well from where I am. Toward the end of the show, Madonna pulls me up and puts this red jacket on me. She tells me she's going to start singing, and I have to lead the way where she's going to walk through the crowd. I tell her she's probably going to get mauled by everyone, but she doesn't care.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1) I'm in Kentucky, and I'm going on a big camping trip with a bunch of people. We're going to caravan, with some people driving a big truck with bicycles and motorcycles towed behind. I'm riding a really cool blue sport bike, and we're getting ready to cross the bridge over the Ohio. I see something to the side of the road right before we get to the bridge, so I stop. Someone has gone off the road and down into the riverbank. A few others in the caravan stop behind me. I get out my phone, which looks really different, and try to call 911. Some really hot black girl has her cell phone out, too, but whenever she opens it up, it messes up everyone else's reception. Ryan was in a vehicle ahead of us, and he comes back across the river to find out what's up. He says he's going to take my bike across and put it on the trailer. Before I can say anything, he's already on my bike, but when I look again, there are two bicycles instead of one motorcycle. He pedals away, and I'm still trying to find out what happened to the guy who went into the river.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm in a big city in Japan, perhaps Sendai, and I'm walking around downtown trying to find where I'm supposed to be. I walk into a school, but I can't read any of the signs, so I'm following pictures and end up in a pit at the bottom of some stairs. I get out and walk outside, and end up getting on some kind of rainbow coloured blimp with a bunch of other Americans. But we're not in the blimp...we're riding on top of it, but it has seats there, so it's kinda safe. Still, when we're flying through the air, I keep feeling like I'm falling off. The lady next to me keeps grabbing me by my pants and pulling me back on. The blimp lands in another city (Morioka?), and we all get off. I see Rachel walking with another girl, but she doesn't look interested in talking to me. I walk to a cool concert venue that I think I've been to before, possibly with Caleb Moore.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm walking around campus at Kentucky Wesleyan. It's getting dark and I need to head home. I get in my truck and drive to some kind of underground ferry. I get out of my car and see Katie Holmes. I start walking with her toward the passenger deck, but I can't get on because I left my ID in my car. Jack Black is there, and he starts making threats toward us. I don't have time to get my ID, so I start wandering around the parking garage part with Katie. Jack is following us, and we're really scared. He keeps getting closer and closer, saying he's going to kill us. Katie runs away, and I turn around just as Jack is getting ready to jump me. I put my hands out and grab his neck. I start strangling him. I'm surprised at how easy it is. He falls over in a corner, dead. I'm so tired I pass out. I wake up and Katie is standing over me. She helps me up and I realise I've been sleeping next to Jack's body. We walk outside and the sun has come up.

Monday, June 02, 2008

1) It's night time, and I'm in a big hedge maze, but the hedges are pretty low, so I can see around okay. It's big enough to drive my truck through, and there are all kinds of old statues everywhere. Tavia and Theresa are there, and we're looking for Theresa's son, Landon. I keep running into people I know from high school, but I can never talk long to any of them because we're trying to find Landon. We find a bunch of people on a hayride going through the maze, so we jump on board and start looking for Landon. The people on the hayride are kinda surprised, but we tell them we're on a mission. We get back in my truck and head toward this huge mansion on one side off the maze. We get closer and we see Landon playing in one of the rooms on the second story. Theresa says we can go back and talk to my high school friends because she just wanted to know where he was.

Friday, May 02, 2008

1) I'm in a big casino with a group of people I don't know very well. I'm walking around and this really hairy midget starts robbing people at gunpoint. I get on the ground and hope that he doesn't see me, but he does. I start talking to him, and he gets really annoyed. He turns around and starts rolling around on the carpet. I get up and run up to the hotel. I see a group of lesbians and they say they're having a party in their room, so I join them. I go into their hotel room and I feel really out of place.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm going to the lake with Garah and Cale. We're staying in a condo and we have to walk a short distance to get to the marina anytime we want to go out on the boat. When we walk to the marina, we pass by a group of carpenters who are always working. We get to the lake and we're riding around in the boat, and I'm in the water and I swim to the shore and find all kinds of guns and knives laying on the bank. I'm worried that a little kid will find them, so I look for a policeman or coast guard guy to tell. We go back to the condo and I buy some beer, but when we go back to the boat, I've forgotten the beer at the condo. We stop to eat, and I tell Garah I'm gonna run back and get the beer, but she says she'll be fine with water, so I forget about the beer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1) I'm on some kind of retreat, but I'm not sure if it's Church- or military-related. We're in a field, playing games and stuff. That evening, we're gathered in a building with a bunch of windows. Amber Lauer and I start talking about how there was a bunch of garbage around and how nobody picked up after themselves. She looks out the window behind me and gasps. I turn around and, off in the distance, I see this guy with a big pumpkin head and there's stuff exploding all around him. We all look out the window. When he sees us, he pours something in a little cup and throws it. It hits the side of the building we're in and it blows up. Nobody is hurt, but everyone is panicking. He runs away, but still keeps throwing these little explosives at us. None of them hit us again.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

1) I'm staying in a hotel on a base somewhere, and it's time for me to check out. There were some other people staying in the same room as me, but they've already left. I go to the front desk, and the lady there tells me I have to have my room checked before I can leave. I go outside and walk around the back side of the building and take an outdoor elevator up to my floor. I have to crawl in a window to get to my room, and when I get there, the lady tells me I'm good to go, but I have to turn in my key. I tell her I've already turned in my key, and she says she'll have to go check. I go back to the front desk, and there's another lady working there who has made some pastries and she's really nice. I ask her if I can leave, and she says it's okay. I walk out the door and walk into a downtown market area. Amy Nelson is there, and she's dyed her hair black and grey. I talk to her for a minute, and then Paris Hilton comes and sits on my lap. At first, I'm kinda excited, but I don't want people thinking I'm the kind of guy who sucks up to Paris Hilton, so I throw her off my lap, and start walking out of town.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

1) I'm a little kid again, and I'm riding in a hot air balloon with my Dad. We're going all over the area around our house, and he's telling me all kinds of stories of things that have happened there in the past. I look down and see that we're right over a big swimming pool. Dad starts taking us lower, but something happens and we descend really quick. We hit the water and go really deep. I start to wonder if we're going to live and if Dad will be able to save us.

2) I'm going to work, and after I get on base, I stop at the shoppette to grab a coffee and a pastry. I'm waiting in line, and Kylie Minogue is in there. I'm trying not to stare, but she's really gorgeous. I'm waiting in line to pay, and this other guy comes up and keeps giving me flyers for concerts and other things he's selling. Kylie is in line right behind me and she starts dancing around and gets really close to me. Then she starts licking my face and grabbing my junk. We're dancing and talking. I think she's trying to sell something, but I keep dancing anyway. She's basically on top of me, and I'm wondering how long this has gone on. I grab my phone and see that the time is 7:19, so I drop Kylie and run outside because I'm late for work. When I get outside, there are a bunch of cops running around in field gear. They tell me to get on the ground because we're getting attacked. I reach in my pocket to grab my keys and see that I've left them inside. It's raining, and I lay in the mud, but it's surprisingly warm. I wish I could have made it to my car, but at least now I won't get in trouble for being late.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

1) I'm at some kind of family gathering. My grandparents are there, and so is Charis Young. But everyone else is from the cast of Roseanne. I think they're having a party for me, but I'm getting overwhelmed, and keep going to the bathroom and sitting on the floor. A girl from the party comes into the bathroom, and she's really attractive, and I'm not sure where I know her from. We start talking and end up making out. While we're making out, Charis walks in and gets really upset. I go back to the party and everyone's angry with me and leaving. I follow the Roseanne people back to a big apartment building next to an airport. They're still very angry with me and go to bed, but I stay up. I'm looking out the window toward the airport, and I'm watching the planes land and take off. This really huge plane is coming in for a landing, and it looks like it's starting to take off again, and then it crashes. The explosion is huge and is knocking buildings over. Our apartment building is really close and I'm wondering if it's going to get knocked over. I go into the other bedroom and wake up John Goodman, but he doesn't care. I go back to the window and just as I get there, the whole apartment building starts to fall over.

2) I'm in Italy, and I go to some kind of amusement park. I decide to walk home and take a shortcut through a little park. I see Michelle Pfeiffer sitting on a blanket and Cate Blanchett walking down a path that crosses mine. I smile politely and say hi. I cross the street and there are lots of cars coming, but they all stop for me. After I cross the street, I'm walking by a fence. I stretch out my arm and touch the fence, but as soon as I touch it, it gets really hard to walk. My legs get really stiff, and I'm trying to pull myself along by the fence.

Friday, March 14, 2008

1) Jerry Howard and I are walking through the mall in Owensboro. We pass by some guys that are selling bicycles, and they're trying really hard to get us to buy one. While they're talking to us, I look over and see the store I used to work at while I was in college, and Cindy Collier is still working there. I brush off the bike salesmen, and Jerry and I walk in to see Cindy. She gives me a hug and immediately starts talking about all the guys that are asking her out. I'm assuming she's gotten a divorce, but I don't want to ask outright. She keeps talking, and eventually gets around to why she divorced her husband. She talks about how he's now a music teacher and he's never home and she couldn't handle it anymore. She even gets her work schedule and shows it to me as evidence that she works all the time because her husband is never home. I feel bad for her, and I want to talk to her, but she won't shut up about her divorce. I look at Jerry and he rolls his eyes and leaves the store. I'm trying to slowly inch my way out of the store, but every time I get close, Cindy grabs me by the arm and pulls me back in.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1) I'm watching a music awards show on television, and there are tons of great bands there. The venue isn't very big, and they're all sitting at tables. The President comes out to make a speech, and when the camera pans the audience, they're all making faces and rolling their eyes. I see Peaches there, and she's crawling on the table and pouring water on herself. I think it's awesome and wish I was there, and suddenly, I'm at the ceremony sitting in a big chair in the middle of the room. Franz Ferdinand comes out to play, and when the Alex comes out, he trips and falls. Then, every time another band comes out to play, someone from the band falls down, and it's a big joke the rest of the evening.

2) Something having to do with a big chair in my parents' living room, and there's some orange candy that fell down between the cushions. For some reason, my Mom thinks it's mouse poop, and she freaks out when I reach in a grab it, but I keep telling her it's just candy. I also find lots of other stuff like a tape measure and catalogues.

3) My family and Garah come to visit me in Italy, and it's the same week that a bunch of my friends from SLC come to visit. I tell all my friends I'll meet them at the mall because I'm not sure my parents would get along with my friends. But when I go to the mall to meet them, I bring my parents and Garah along. We stop outside the mall, and they want to have a picnic because Garah has baked a cake for me. We're trying to eat, but my SLC friends keep calling and asking for directions because they've never driven in Italy before and don't know where to go.

4) I'm watching an episode of Six Feet Under, but the cast is totally different. Sally Field is the mom and Christina Ricci plays a cousin who comes to stay with them. There's also an infant they've taken custody of, but the infant's natural grandmother wants the baby back. Christina Ricci keeps arguing with the brother and sister, and Sally Field goes outside because the grandmother just drove up. I'm standing in the yard watching the two ladies fight, and I look on the ground and see this little orange glowing light. I look at the house, and a big bomb goes off, blowing up the inside of the house. Both ladies and I are blown out into the yard. I get up and I hear Sally Field crying for the baby.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

1) I'm driving to a big mall, and I'm not sure if malls are the same in Italy, so I'm looking all over for a parking spot and trying to do the same thing as everyone else. I go inside, and there's a big Wal-Mart, and it's all Americans working inside. I walk inside, and they're trying to sell me a television, and keep pressuring me into looking at these off-brand big screen TVs. They have a form to fill out so they know what you're interested in, so I fill out a form, but I don't pay any attention to what I'm writing. Then all these salespeople are following me around. I finally get out of the Wal-Mart, and as I'm walking back through the mall, I see Stephanie Howard, and she's soaking wet. I walk up to her and ask if there's anything I can do. She says yes, but doesn't tell me what. She goes into the restroom, and I stand outside the door. She opens the door and gives me her wet clothes. I start looking around the mall for women's clothing stores so I can buy her dry clothes.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm in Utah, and I'm getting ready to drive to Baltimore, but instead of my truck, I'm in a big van. I'm running a few errands before I leave, and Chris and Doug are with me. We stop by a grocery store to grab some munchies, and while we're in there, I see this guy acting really weird. He's clearly unstable, and he creeps me out. I tell Chris and Doug we need to leave, but they're talking and kinda brush me off. I grab Chris by the arm and start yelling at Doug. I finally get them out of the store, and as soon as the door shuts, a bomb goes off. We keep walking down the sidewalk and get back in my van. We're kinda freaked out, but we don't stick around. We just drive down the road.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1) I'm in Mrs. Edmondson's English class back in high school. She divides us up into groups of five or six, and we have to go on a big scavenger hunt. The list she gives us isn't the actual things we have to get, but clues we have to solve to find out what we have to get. The clue I'm working on says something about ingredients in some kind of junk food, so I go to the grocery store, and I'm running all over checking ingredients in ice cream and candy and stuff. I'm trying to keep up with everyone else on my team, but they're all looking for different clues, so we keep getting separated. I can't find what I'm looking for, and keep re-reading the clue. I check in with Mrs. Edmondson, and one team already has their first object. I look at the clue again, and decide to check out the frozen cheesecakes. I'm trying to find them in the grocery store, but I somehow get lost and end up in come kind of carnival with a bunch of games.

Friday, February 08, 2008

1) I'm at work, and the structures guys ask if I can help out on a project. We gather a bunch of parts together and go out to the flightline. Romy and I get on this platform and it raises us up a couple hundred feet in the air. It's really shakey and I'm nervous we're gonna fall off. We're not tied off or anything, and I'm sitting down. I can tell Romy is a little nervous, too. There's another platform up there that we have to work on, and every time I have to go over to the other one, it teeters a little and parts fall off the side. I look down and see all the other guys watching us.

Friday, January 25, 2008

1) I'm in my truck and I'm pulling up to go shopping at a Banana Republic. I leave my sunglasses in my car because I don't want to lose them. I go inside and see Aaron Fenstermaker working. I run up to her and hug her and ask why she's working at Banana in Utah. We chat for a bit, and then I see all kinds of people I know working there, including Sharon from Roosters. I'm walking around the store, and I get confused by which section is the men's section and which is the women's. I look down and my pants are gone and all I can see is my boxers. I'm walking around looking to see if anyone has my pants. I keep telling myself I'm not dreaming because I can feel my toes moving around in my shoes. I look back down, and I have my pants on again, but my wallet and keys are gone. I see a bunch of thugs walking around, and I'm almost certain they're the ones who took my pants. I kinda follow them around the store and purposefully bump into one of them. He glares at me and I glare back at him. I walk back over to Aaron and ask her if she saw anything, but she didn't.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

1) I'm in an antique mall with my Mom and two girls who I think are twins, but they must be fraternal because one is blond and the other is brunette. We're walking around, and I come across an old corridor, and open up a big door into the floor. I just open it a little bit, but some kind of spirit flies out and there's glitter all over the place. I get this wonderful feeling and I can't stop smiling. I find Mom and the twins and they're feeling really good, too. We keep walking around the mall, and I go back and check on the big door. It opens a little more and more glitter comes out. Every time I check on it, it's opened a little more. When it opens all the way, I'm feeling really, really good, but when I go to find Mom and the twins, I can't find them. I go into one store, and see them, but I get closer and they've turned into statues. I start freaking out and wondering if anyone will believe me. I look to see how much the price tag on them is so I can buy them and take them home to see if I can fix them.

2) I'm snowboarding at some resort I've never been to before. Jay is there with me, and it's getting close to the end of the day. He tells me he's been charged with some kind of crime in Indiana, but he's going to give them my name to get him off the hook since I'll be in Italy. He keeps telling me to come visit him, but if the cops are going to be looking for me, I don't want to. We go into the lodge to warm up, and I'm trying to get a picture of the side of the mountain, but every time I get ready to take one, it gets really foggy.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

1) I'm standing outside Buckingham Palace with a little girl and we're playing a video game that's been set up for display. An old lady walks by and says something about watching our backs. We hear a gunshot go off, and I turn around to see a lady fall on the ground and into an underground tunnel. I run up to her, and see that it's Princess Diana. I take off my jacket and put it around her. I keep telling her she'll be fine and yelling at everyone else to call an ambulance. She's very calm, but she keeps wanting to turn over. I tell her to remain still.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

1) I'm flying somewhere out of SLC, and I have a layover in Boise. When I get there, they tell everyone that all flights have been cancelled because a big blizzard is on the way. I ask a lady if they're going to put us up in a hotel, and she says no. I start looking around the airport for good places to crash, but every time I find one, someone takes it right before I do. I'm trying to think if I know anyone in Boise, and the only person I can think of that's been stationed near there is Steve Gerke, but I don't have his number, so I call Jason Johnson to see if he has it, but he doesn't Then I call Chad because I know he used to live in Boise and still has a lot of friends here. And I'm thinking maybe he can pull some strings and one of them will let me stay at his place and shower and stuff. I call Chad, but instead I get his Mom's voicemail, so I leave a message asking if somehow Chad could give me a call back. I get a call back from Chad and he says he changed his number because he has a new job as a flight attendant. I start talking to this really hot flight attendant who's also stuck in the airport, and she and I watch a movie on my laptop.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1) It's my first day back at work, and I'm running late. As I'm going through the gate, I realise I still haven't gotten a haircut yet, and there's no way I can show up like this. I drive around the flightline trying to decide what to do. I stop at the gym hoping to find a barber shop. Weird Al is sitting in a table there, and he says he needs me to take my PT test. I tell him I can't because I just went snowboarding the day before and my abs are sore. I ask him to call Dr. Earle (my old piano professor) and tell her I have to get a haircut before coming in to work. I sit with him and two girls at a table waiting for a barber. After that, I go outside but I can't find my car. I end up walking to the house in Morganfield, and it looks like my Mom is home for lunch. I go next door to Garah's house, and there's a girl with green skin in their garage. She's some kind of mutant, and I ask if she can get me back to base. She grabs me and we start flying toward base, but she doesn't take me all the way there. I get onto base, and I see a bunch of kids walking to school. I see the mutant girl, but she doesn't have green skin anymore.