Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm in a big city in Japan, perhaps Sendai, and I'm walking around downtown trying to find where I'm supposed to be. I walk into a school, but I can't read any of the signs, so I'm following pictures and end up in a pit at the bottom of some stairs. I get out and walk outside, and end up getting on some kind of rainbow coloured blimp with a bunch of other Americans. But we're not in the blimp...we're riding on top of it, but it has seats there, so it's kinda safe. Still, when we're flying through the air, I keep feeling like I'm falling off. The lady next to me keeps grabbing me by my pants and pulling me back on. The blimp lands in another city (Morioka?), and we all get off. I see Rachel walking with another girl, but she doesn't look interested in talking to me. I walk to a cool concert venue that I think I've been to before, possibly with Caleb Moore.

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