Saturday, April 14, 2007

1) I'm sitting in my shop, and this guy comes up behind me and gives me a piece of paper. It's a set of orders and written in blue ink on the front is "Robins Air Force Base, Georgia." I turn around and look at him, and he smiles, and I scream, "Noooooo!"

Monday, April 09, 2007

1) I'm living in a basement apartment in a big city. I have to get up really early every morning for work, and Jeni-Bomb always comes by so we can have breakfast together. One morning, she says she's going to bring Ben along, too. Before they get there, I decide I'm too hungry to wait, and I cook up some kind of vegetable concoction on my stove, but I don't want them to think I've eaten before they arrive, so I put in in tupperware and put it in the refrigerator. I go outside, and it's barely light enough to see, and I think there's a strange man watching me, and I get creeped out and go back inside to wait for Jeni and Ben.

Monday, April 02, 2007

1) I'm in my truck driving back to work after lunch, and I see some people having a party in a garage. They're dancing around and trying to get people to honk, so I do. I stop my truck just to say hi and see why they are partying. I start talking to them and I go inside the garage for a minute. The next thing I know, it's nighttime and I'm back inside my truck. I'm kinda freaking out and I'm not feeling well. I start to back up and drive the rest of the way to work, but a cop pulls up behind me. The cop is Janeane Garofalo and she starts asking me all kinds of questions about where I've been. I can't remember anything, and I think I've been drugged or something. I'm trying to explain everything, but she won't listen. She makes me get in the back of her patrol car, and she drops me off at the house in Morganfield. I'm worried about what work is going to do, because I've probably been AWOL.

2) I'm in Army basic training with a bunch of other guys. We're all brand new and in formation inside a big room. The training instructors are all walking around and yelling at us, and I'm just trying to fit in and do what everyone else is doing. They start going down the rows asking us questions one by one. We're supposed to answer with something specific, but since everyone is screaming, I don't know what we're supposed to say. Eventually, I'm the last one left, and there's a female instructor asking me these questions. I just look straight ahead and don't say anything. She asks if I know what I'm supposed to say, and I tell her no. She smiles and tells me she's going to give me some remedial training.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

1) I'm in Morganfield and we've all just been told there's going to be a nuclear war. Everyone is panicking, but I'm not sure how to take it. There are tons of planes in the air. Everyone in town is walking toward the park, but I don't recall any bunkers there. I'm trying to make jokes about the situation, because there really isn't much else we can do. We get to some kind of camp and I'm going to take a shower. I'm a little embarrassed because my shower doesn't have a door on it, so everyone walking by is watching me. I go back outside and meet all kinds of new people. We later find out we're on a television show that concentrates on seven people and everyone watching the show is supposed to say which characted handled the situation best. I'm wondering if I was one of the seven characters and if I handled the situation well.