Monday, October 31, 2005

1) I'm part of some elite, secret crime fighting team, and we discover a bunch of hidden tunnels. We start following them and one of them comes up in the front yard of the house in Morganfield. We crawl up above ground and see my Dad playing softball. He's trying out for a softball team, so we tell him we'll practice with him. I'm running for the ball, and I knock over the mailbox. We try to put it back up, but when we're piling dirt around it, a lot of it falls back into the underground tunnel. Then we see this guy walking up the street. He gets closer and we see he's a Native American. Suddenly, there are tons of others behind him and they start running toward us. We go inside the house, but they're getting in a trying to kill us. I run out the back, and start leaping really far across the hills.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

1) I'm at the house in Morganfield. My parents are there, but they have to leave to go get my grandparents, who are coming over for dinner. Mom asks me to clean up and start dinner. After they're gone, I'm working on cleaning up, but these zombie children start walking around in the yard, and I'm worried they'll get in and try to bite me. Mom and Dad get back, and they're kinda upset because I haven't gotten much done. I try to explain to them about the zombie children, but they don't believe me.

2) I'm in some kind of mental institution (possibly because of the zombie children story?), but it's in a cabin in the woods. I'm in this really long bay with about 20 other people, mostly guys, but there are a few girls. An orderly comes through every so often to feed us, but he's really mean and makes fun of us. One time he comes through and tells us he's been mixing human flesh into the food. He tells me one of the people he killed was "Katie" who he thought was my girlfriend. I told him I didn't date anyone named Katie, and we all jump out of our beds and tackle him and tie him up. We go out back and try to get someone to rescue us.

Friday, October 28, 2005

1) I'm in some kind of college class and Ben Stiller is the professor. I don't know anyone else in the class, but we start talking about which Black Eyed Peas songs we like. I tell everyone I can't stand the "My Humps" song, and they all get upset.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

1) I'm at a dinner at the Webers' house with a bunch of people, including the Wheelers. It's great to see them again, and we talk and hug a lot. I look over to another table and see Dr. McIver, one of my music professors from college, and his son, Rob. Rob is there because he's taking over the Misawa Hospitality House. I have to go to the bathroom, and when I go in, there's water all over the floor, so I decide I'll try to fix it, but Jack and Lucy keep coming in, and I start talking to them, and other people are wanting to use the bathroom.

2) I'm in New York City taking care of this little puppy. I'm walking around the streets carrying it, trying to find a home for it. I stop in a barber shop and the puppy jumps on the floor and poops. The barber guy doesn't really seem to mind and cleans it all up. I ask him if he'd like to take care of it, but he just stares at me.

Monday, October 24, 2005

1) Paul and I are out in the country driving a flat-bed truck looking for two deer that somehow escaped from somewhere and we got tasked with catching them. We find the deer in a field and cut the barbed wire and the deer get in the back of the truck. We go to the Hospitality House and I download all the pictures I took from the deer adventure to the computer there. There are lots of people there, and everyone is getting ready to go to sleep, but I'm not tired. I start watching TV and Saturday Night Live comes on. I start laughing at one of the skits, and everyone gets frustrated at me.

Monday, October 17, 2005

1) It's Christmas Eve, and I'm at the Hospitality House in Misawa and it looks just like my grandparents' house. I'm playing cards with Amy and Jeremiah, a guy from work. There's nobody else there yet. I start thinking about how much food is in the kitchen because if a bunch of people show up before the next morning, we'll want to have breakfast and the commissary is already closed. Then, Jeni-Bomb comes in from the kitchen, and she's already made pancakes, but she calls them something else. I think it's kind of odd to have pancakes on Christmas Eve, but I'm more concerned if there's any syrup.

2) Alex and I are moving into an apartment together. It's on the 6th floor of a tall building in a big city, and it's kind of in a bad part of town. It's a studio apartment, and we decide to paint it. We place our beds right across from each other, and I start thinking we're never going to get any sleep because every night when we lay down, we'll start talking and then it will be morning.

3) I'm working in an office and I'm frequently running errands. One time, I get back, and there's a new girl working at the desk adjacent to mine. She's very timid and everyone else in the office talks about her. One day, Johnny is going to give her crap, and I stop him. He says he's just trying to make her tougher, but I tell him that if everyone would be nicer, we wouldn't have to be tougher.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

1) I'm in this big warehouse with some people from my squadron and it's night time. This one guy is telling scary stories. People start disappearing and this other girl and I start getting kinda scared. One of the doors to the warehouse opens, but since it's dark outside, we can't really see anything. She and I realise we're the only ones left, so we just hold on to each other and stand in the middle of the building.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

1) I'm walking around Wal-Mart and I hear Green Day playing outside and remember they're having another show. I didn't get tickets since I just saw them, but I'm kinda bummed because I wouldn't have minded seeing them again. I start thinking about how I'm going to write about it on my blog. I go to the employee office because they have a paycheck for me, then I go stand in line at the customer service desk to see if they'll cash it. There's a guy from my squadron in line in front of me.
1) I'm in this huge stadium, but I'm not sure if we're there to watch some kind of sporting event or a concert or what. I'm sitting next to this girl and I think we're on a date, but she starts talking about this other guy. Then, there's this detective walking around because there's been a murder, and the girl I'm with knows the person that was killed. I'm walking around trying to find the crime scene. I walk back to my seat, and the girl tells me to leave, because I can't really do any good. I go to the dorm on base, and I'm waiting for Brian, one of my troops, to call because he needs help moving.

2) I'm driving through New Orleans (although it looks strangely like Morganfield) at night in a '57 Chevy convertible. The streets are wet and there are only a few street lights working. Sean "Diddy" Combs is driving another '57 Chevy right next to me, and we're kind of racing, but I end up passing him. I drive out into the country and end up at a condo owned by this old lady. I stay at her place and take care of her cat while she goes back to her winter home for a while. I leave the condo and start driving out in the country, but it's still dark outside and even with the bright lights on, I can't really see very far in front of me. I get really nervous, so I stop and turn around and hope I can make it back to the condo without having a wreck.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

1) I'm at a party with a bunch of work people. Johnny Frost is there and we're having a conversation about a bunch of punk bands, and I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I'm faking it pretty good. I want to leave and go to the Hospitality House, so I fake being really tired and tell them I have to get to bed. I go to the HH and meet the new missionaries. They have a huge dog who starts barking at me.

2) I'm staying at a big hotel and I'm sharing a room with Sleater-Kinney. We have a night full of great conversation and the next morning, they have to leave to go play in another city. I leave the room and I'm walking outside and I stop by a big gospel church and sit down for the service. The choir comes out and they sound great. I stay for the whole service, and as I'm getting ready to leave, everyone I see is really nice to me.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

1) I'm walking through the gym in Misawa, and I'm on my way from the front entrance back to the cardio room. As I pass the basketball court, I see this girl running the perimeter, and she has these shoes on that make her bounce really high. I've got my iPod on and I'm listening to a song by the Shins. I start wistling along, and then I get worried that people will get annoyed and maybe I'm wistling out of tune because I can't really hear myself over the music anyway.

Friday, October 07, 2005

1) I'm walking through this huge mall with some random people I don't know. I stop and see Abby, who's working at a store there. She's on top of a big ladder, and I stand there for a long time because I don't want to say anything that would make her fall. I keep standing there and she doesn't see me, so I decide to walk around some more and come back later. I get some lemonade, and go to Banana Republic. Then I walk back to Abby's store, and ask her when she gets off. She talks to me for a while, but I feel like I'm distracting her from her work and I don't want her to get in trouble, so I leave.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

1) I'm in my fraternity house, and Chandler and Monica from "Friends" are there. There is some kind of contest going on, but I don't really know what it is, so I'm just wandering around to everyone's rooms to socialise, but everytime I go into someone's room, they're on their way out.

Monday, October 03, 2005

1) Dad, Lisa Kudrow, and I are riding around. It kinda looks like Morganfield, but I'm giving directions to base, so we must be in Utah. I have Lisa's purse and she wants something out of it, but I have to take all this stuff out of it to get to the thing she wants. We start making all kinds of jokes about "Friends." We get to the base, and suddenly Keri, my cousin, is there with us, too. We talk about going to haunted houses. There's one on base, so we go get in line.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

1) I'm at my shop, and everyone is talking about the exercise coming up. I'm feeling lucky since all I have to do is guard weapons. Mr. Futakawame, our civilian foreman when I was in Japan, comes in and he's really upset because one of the GI bosses quit. Futa tries to give the tool belt, which signifies leadership, to me, but I don't want it, either. I give it back to him, and he runs off. I tell him I want to move to another shop. I go get in the shower, but when I get out, I can't find my clothes, so I walk around the shop naked. I'm worried that if I move shops, I won't be able to guard weapons for the exercise and they'll make me wear chem gear. I leave the shop and find myself in the suburb of the house in Morganfield. I start walking to the house, but there are lots of people out, and I'm worried they'll call the cops on me. I start running toward our house, which takes a while because a lot of people around have fences and I don't want to climb over them while I'm naked. I get to the house and realise I have no way of getting inside, so I run to the pine trees behind the next door neighbour's house, so I can hide there until I can figure out what to do. As I'm getting closer, I can feel myself waking up, and I start to float in the air.