Monday, October 31, 2005

1) I'm part of some elite, secret crime fighting team, and we discover a bunch of hidden tunnels. We start following them and one of them comes up in the front yard of the house in Morganfield. We crawl up above ground and see my Dad playing softball. He's trying out for a softball team, so we tell him we'll practice with him. I'm running for the ball, and I knock over the mailbox. We try to put it back up, but when we're piling dirt around it, a lot of it falls back into the underground tunnel. Then we see this guy walking up the street. He gets closer and we see he's a Native American. Suddenly, there are tons of others behind him and they start running toward us. We go inside the house, but they're getting in a trying to kill us. I run out the back, and start leaping really far across the hills.

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