Friday, July 06, 2007

1) Lil' Ryan and I are in a boat on a lake riding around and swimming. We get out of the boat and go into a small town whose local high school is having a big football game. We're walking around and see a short school bus sitting on the side of the road. We get in and start riding around. Things start getting crazy, and we end up speeding through the middle of the stadium. We don't hit anyone, but we somehow end up on the upper level and jump off the side. We drive far away and abandon the bus, then walk back to the schoolyard to see what people are saying. The cops are everywhere looking for us, so I tell Ryan we should turn ourselves in. Ryan doesn't want to, but I tell him our fingerprints are all over the bus and they'll find us eventually. We walk up to one of the investigators and I tell him we're responsible for the school bus thing, but he doesn't seem very angry. He starts asking us a bunch of questions, and I can tell Ryan is really nervous. I'm wondering if the detective guy is gonna put us in jail.

2) I'm in the shoppette on base, and the girl behind the counter is really cute, so I keep buying more stuff because I want to talk to her. I end up buying a PlayStation 2.

3) I'm in some kind of horror movie about a little girl who sees things under her bed. She keeps screaming and all the stuff in her room is moving around. But the only thing under her bed is Uma Thurman, who is the little girl, but all grown up. There's also another girl there who's the teenage version of the girl. Some guy comes along and wants to be Uma's boyfriend. They go riding in a horse-drawn cart, and the little girl is trying to get Uma not to go. They go riding along a wooded path and it's very scenic.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

1) I'm out doing the water route and there are some other guys in my shop following in another truck. I decide to stop by my Grandparents' house to get something to drink. I go inside, but there isn't anyone around. I decide to change clothes, so I'm walking around in my underwear looking for some other clothes that I might have left there another time. I hear my Grandmother say something, so I go into their room and she is sitting on the sofa in there. She had been sleeping, and she asks if I want to see the infant she's babysitting. She goes to pick her up, but it's just a doll. I go outside, and there are all these people in the yard playing softball. Then a construction crew shows up, and my Grandmother doesn't know what they're supposed to be working on. Then a couple Mormon missionaries show up, and I'm thinking they're happy because they just hit the jackpot.