Friday, August 31, 2007

1) I'm deployed to a third world country in the mid-east, and some of us are walking around outside the wire. They have some strange custom where every man has to keep his hands over his crotch when in public, so all of us are walking around holding our junk. We're walking through a little village made of tents, and whenever we pass a female, they giggle and stare. We stop inside a tent and start talking. I pull out some bourbon from my backpack, but we don't have any glasses. I go back to base to see if I can grab some from the gate guards. There are a bunch of readiness people guarding the gate, and they make me give them my alcohol, but luckily, I have some extra stashed that they don't see.

2) I'm at a party with a bunch of people from college, and all three girls I dated in college are there. I'm feeling kinda awkward, but I talk to all three of them and they're really cool. One of my music professors is there, too, and I have to give a big introduction before his speech. I'm nervous and worried if I'm going to get all the details of his life right, but I do. I want to get a picture with all my ex-girlfriends, and I start talking to Anna (girlfriend number two), and she wants to kiss me again, even though her husband (and one of my good friends from college) is sitting right next to her. I do anyway, and it's not weird or anything. After dinner, there's a big fashion show, and all these models are walking down the runway in really crazy, futuristic outfits made of metal. One of them comes down and pulls me up on stage and pretends to shoot me with her ray gun, so I play dead and fall on the floor. While I'm laying there, I overhear some guy talking about how he works in the porn industry, and I'm trying to listen without being obvious.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1) I'm visiting Garah, and we're out drinking with a couple of her friends from medical school one night. We want to go home and the guy who's driving is really drunk, but we don't care and get in anyway. He starts driving really erratically, and even clips a couple other cars, but we just keep going. We get pulled over by a cop, and the driver guy gets arrested. Garah and I somehow end up back at her house. We wake up the next morning, and she gives me a tour of her new house that she just bought. It's really amazing and it's on the coast of one of some Greek island. It's kinda messy, and she apologises for her kids leaving toys all over the place. Jon is out of town on business, and she's not sure when he's supposed to get home. The cleaning lady arrives, and I tell Garah I need to leave because I have to work the next day.

2) I'm visiting home and I'm supposed to be playing piano for the Church service. I'm sitting at the bench, and I see my Mom is playing the organ. It's time for the first hymn ("Worthy of Worship"), and when I open up the hymnal, the page for that hymn has been ripped out. I start looking around for another hymnal, but the only one in the piano bench is outdated and doesn't have that hymn. Meanwhile, Mom has started playing and everyone is singing and starting at me wondering why I'm not playing. I look around and see Jeremiah Case sitting in the pew closest to me. I get his attention, and I"m trying to whisper to him to hand me a hymnal out of the pew, but he doesn't understand what I'm saying. Finally, he hands me a hymnal and I open up to the right page. The notes are different from how I remember playing them when I was younger, but I give it a try anyway. I'm only playing a few notes from each measure, but it sounds good enough, and I'm just hoping it's over soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1) I'm going to Mormon church with someone, and the service is held in a classroom and it's very informal. I have two bottles of water that were given to me by Reese with me, and right before the service starts, my phone rings. It's Reese, and she wants to know if I got the water she sent. I assure her I did, but I have to go because the service is starting. When I get off the phone, I find the bishop has taken my bottles of water and is trying to give them away. He looks at me, and I guess I'm sweating heavily because he says I look like I need some water. After the service, I'm walking around outside, and everyone is talking and getting into their cars and stuff. A little boy starts talking to me about how Salt Lake City is laid out and the different townships and stuff. His Mom comes along, and she looks exactly like Garah. She's got a little dress and sunglasses on, and I can't stop staring at her. She's talking about her husband, Trent, and then she takes off her sunglasses, and I realise she's Asian. Everyone drives away, and I'm standing by the street wondering if the person who brought me will take me home.

Monday, August 20, 2007

1) My Dad and I are in this old abandoned building, and we find all these old papers having to do with the World Trade Center. We start looking through them and think we might have solved some mysteries having to do with 9/11. It starts to get really late, and there are a few other people wandering around the building, so we hide all our research and decide to go home for the evening. I get on a motorcycle and ride it through the building and down the stairs. I'm riding outside when I see some people I know. I stop to talk to them. There's an overpass above us, and we see a car wreck on the overpass, and there are two people in a red Mustang, and the Mustang falls off the overpass. The people inside get thrown out and everyone rushes over. I call 911 and start yelling at everyone not to move anyone, just to see if they're breathing. Jerrilynn Bender is there in a minivan, and she tells me to get in so we can go home.

2) I'm at home talking with Garah, and she's telling me about being a doctor and showing me her cell phone. I decide to quit the military and go back to school so I can be a doctor, too. I'm walking around the hospital with Garah, and we go into this cancer research room and it's really cold. There are a bunch of ladies in there gossiping.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

1) I'm in France with a big group of people, but we get separated and I'm trying to get around. I find myself in the middle of the country, and I've been to the airport, so I'm trying to find a taxi to get me back to our hotel. I see Jack and Meg White get out of a taxi and they speak French, so I'm asking them how to ask the cab driver to get back to the hotel, but they just tell me how to get back to the airport. I end upriding around with my Aunt Karen and her family. She tells me she wants to have another baby. I somehow end up in Paris, and I'm walking around the city, looking for different delis and boutiques. Some strange man is following me. I see my parents walking down the street, and ask why they didn't tell me they were in town. I find out that I'm in the middle of some weird art-house film, and they guy following me is supposed to represent something out of my past. I try to catch a bus, but they won't let me on the bus because it's only for handicapped people on horseback. I start riding around on a scooter, and chasing the guy who was following me. A big parade comes over the hill, and the guy gets set on fire. I find a computer and look up the movie I'm in on Wikipedia so I can find out what it's all supposed to mean, but the Wikipedia page is really long and I'm too lazy to read it all.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1) I'm back in Japan (?) and Chaplain Tims is going to start another worship service at Church at he wants me to play the piano for it. He gives me a big list of songs, but I don't really have anywhere to practice them. Leigh tells me I can go upstairs at the library and practice. I grab all the song books and head upstairs, seeing my Mom along the way. I have to pass by this really hot girl who hosts a trivia radio show. I make small talk with her before ascending the staircase. She says she's getting ready to leave, but to make sure everything is locked up before I go.

2) I'm back in college, and I'm hanging out with a bunch of people, most of whom are sorority girls. We're watching a pro basketball game, and everyone is debating on who will win. One of them has a video camera and has taken a lot of footage of everyone in the group. We're watching it and trying to decide which part is the most embarrassing. Most of the footage of me consists of me singing or lip syncing to really bad songs. One of the guys in the group pulls me aside and asks if I've heard any rumours about him and a girl from the group having sex, and if I have, I need to say they aren't true.

Monday, August 13, 2007

1) I'm standing on top of a submarine but it's getting ready to launch, and I jump onto the dock just before it submerges. I walk into the town and I see this really hot black girl, so I start talking to her. She's got diabetes and she keeps giving herself insulin shots in her fingernails. I ask if I can borrow one of the shots, because my truck is making a funny noise and I think the insulin will stop it. I take the syringe and look for a good place to inject it into my truck. I end up putting it in the area right between the windshield and the passenger-side door. I walk the girl back to her apartment, which is right below mine. We start talking about gas stations. I go up to my apartment and I'm fumbling for my keys because I think I'm being followed and I'm really nervous. I finally get inside my apartment and there are two people sleeping on the floor. I'm not sure if I should wake them or not.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

1) I'm at work, and we get attacked by the Decepticons. We're all running all over the place and hiding in closets and stuff. I get abducted by some scientists and they make me eat this pill that turns me into a Transformer. I'm back to running around with everyone else again, but I don't want anyone else to know I can transform. I'm waiting to find something really good to transform into so I can kill all the Decepticons.

2) I'm in Japan, and I get pulled over by some cops, but they're American. I go back to the station with them. They ask if I can get coffee for them, so I call McDonalds and ask if they can have three coffees ready for me when I get there. They tell me the coffee will be ready at McDonalds #4, so I have to look on a map to see where that is. It ends up being right across from the police station, so I decide to walk. I get there, and the Japanese lady tells me it will be 6,000 yen, so I ask if it's any cheaper without cream. She says it will be 2,000 yen, so I give her the money, and go back to the police station.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

1) I'm swimming across the Ohio River between the bridges near my house. I'm almost to the other side, and I catch up with another guy who's also swimming. He sees me catching up to him and tries to swim faster, so I swim faster and beat him to the other side. When I get to the bank, I walk up and see a couple EOD guys from my squadron getting ready to go cliff jumping. I say hi to them and keep walking. I get back to where my phone is, and I have a voicemail from one of the EOD guys inviting me to a party that night. I go back down and start talking to them. I start talking to them about EOD stuff, and I'm starting to think I sound like an idiot. They get an emergency call, and start packing up all their stuff to leave. I tell them not to tease me, or I won't come to their party.