Thursday, August 16, 2007

1) I'm in France with a big group of people, but we get separated and I'm trying to get around. I find myself in the middle of the country, and I've been to the airport, so I'm trying to find a taxi to get me back to our hotel. I see Jack and Meg White get out of a taxi and they speak French, so I'm asking them how to ask the cab driver to get back to the hotel, but they just tell me how to get back to the airport. I end upriding around with my Aunt Karen and her family. She tells me she wants to have another baby. I somehow end up in Paris, and I'm walking around the city, looking for different delis and boutiques. Some strange man is following me. I see my parents walking down the street, and ask why they didn't tell me they were in town. I find out that I'm in the middle of some weird art-house film, and they guy following me is supposed to represent something out of my past. I try to catch a bus, but they won't let me on the bus because it's only for handicapped people on horseback. I start riding around on a scooter, and chasing the guy who was following me. A big parade comes over the hill, and the guy gets set on fire. I find a computer and look up the movie I'm in on Wikipedia so I can find out what it's all supposed to mean, but the Wikipedia page is really long and I'm too lazy to read it all.

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