Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1) I'm going to Mormon church with someone, and the service is held in a classroom and it's very informal. I have two bottles of water that were given to me by Reese with me, and right before the service starts, my phone rings. It's Reese, and she wants to know if I got the water she sent. I assure her I did, but I have to go because the service is starting. When I get off the phone, I find the bishop has taken my bottles of water and is trying to give them away. He looks at me, and I guess I'm sweating heavily because he says I look like I need some water. After the service, I'm walking around outside, and everyone is talking and getting into their cars and stuff. A little boy starts talking to me about how Salt Lake City is laid out and the different townships and stuff. His Mom comes along, and she looks exactly like Garah. She's got a little dress and sunglasses on, and I can't stop staring at her. She's talking about her husband, Trent, and then she takes off her sunglasses, and I realise she's Asian. Everyone drives away, and I'm standing by the street wondering if the person who brought me will take me home.

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