Tuesday, August 07, 2007

1) I'm swimming across the Ohio River between the bridges near my house. I'm almost to the other side, and I catch up with another guy who's also swimming. He sees me catching up to him and tries to swim faster, so I swim faster and beat him to the other side. When I get to the bank, I walk up and see a couple EOD guys from my squadron getting ready to go cliff jumping. I say hi to them and keep walking. I get back to where my phone is, and I have a voicemail from one of the EOD guys inviting me to a party that night. I go back down and start talking to them. I start talking to them about EOD stuff, and I'm starting to think I sound like an idiot. They get an emergency call, and start packing up all their stuff to leave. I tell them not to tease me, or I won't come to their party.

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Lacónica said...

tenemos gustos parecidos a pesar de la distancia, las diferencias de idioma y de sexo
es muy gracioso: no sé hablar ni escribir en inglés y sin embargo quise escribirte
te mando saludos desde muy lejos, desde Argentina