Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1) I'm back in Japan (?) and Chaplain Tims is going to start another worship service at Church at he wants me to play the piano for it. He gives me a big list of songs, but I don't really have anywhere to practice them. Leigh tells me I can go upstairs at the library and practice. I grab all the song books and head upstairs, seeing my Mom along the way. I have to pass by this really hot girl who hosts a trivia radio show. I make small talk with her before ascending the staircase. She says she's getting ready to leave, but to make sure everything is locked up before I go.

2) I'm back in college, and I'm hanging out with a bunch of people, most of whom are sorority girls. We're watching a pro basketball game, and everyone is debating on who will win. One of them has a video camera and has taken a lot of footage of everyone in the group. We're watching it and trying to decide which part is the most embarrassing. Most of the footage of me consists of me singing or lip syncing to really bad songs. One of the guys in the group pulls me aside and asks if I've heard any rumours about him and a girl from the group having sex, and if I have, I need to say they aren't true.

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