Thursday, January 05, 2006

1) I'm going to McDonald's in a Honda CR-V, and I get there and it's really crowded. I just want a hamburger, and I wait in line for a very long time. I finally get to the front and they get me my food, and my order is wrong, so I have to wait in line again to try to get the right food. I end up spending most of the day waiting in line at McDonald's. When I finally leave, my food is cold and it's dark outside. I'm driving back into a really big city, and Caleb Wendt is with me, and we start talking about the truck I'm driving.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1) I'm hanging out with some of our friends in Evansville, and we're all getting ready to go hiking to the top of this big mountain. I'm the youngest, and they keep asking me if I'm sure I can handle it, and I tell them that if I can handle Mt. Fuji, then I can handle this one. It's the night before we're supposed to climb and a bunch of people have gone out drinking, but I stayed behind to hang out with friends and watch movies. I start thinking about places to stay once we get to the top of the mountain.