Wednesday, December 09, 2009

1) I'm deployed, and I catch an episode of 60 Minutes about a family that has a baby just to harvest its organs for one of their other children. And then, after they have the baby, they decide to keep it. The family visits the deployed location where I am, and I really want to meet them. Jeremiah tells me about a broken sink, and I go to fix it. I wonder why he can't fix it. I'm trying to finish the job really quick because I want to meet the family from 60 Minutes.

Friday, November 27, 2009

1) I'm at work one night, and Carrie Thomas comes in and tells me I have to act in a play the next day and I need to go home and memorise a bunch of lines. The play is some kind of modern-day take on Hamlet. I get back to work the next morning and I'm wearing PT gear. I haven't memorised my lines at all, plus I'm supposed to be in a dance recital that morning. Work looks like a classroom, and there are these really nice Apple laptops at every desk. I sit at my desk, and I'm looking at stuff on the internet. I end up finding some site where a bunch of frat guys are dipping their balls in mugs of beer and then giving them to girls to drink. I think it's funny, and when JoAnn comes in, I show it to her. Then some PT leader guy comes in and we all stand in a circle lifting dumbbells. The PT leader guy is standing right behind me, so I turn around and tell him to get off my ass. JoAnn starts laughing, and I tell her I've had enough PT and that I need to study my lines for the play that afternoon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1) I'm at the gym, and I see my Chief. I say hi to her, and she tells me that my deployment has moved up, and that I need to report to the squadron immediately. I grab all my stuff and head to the squadron. Everyone is there, packing all their stuff, and getting ready to ship out. I'm worried because I haven't had a chance to pack or get my house in order. I see Frank and ask him if he's packed, and he says he's not even going on the deployment now. I go back where everyone's bags are, and wonder if someone packed mine for me.

2) I'm driving down the road with someone, and we see a girl pushing her car on the side of the road. We stop and ask if she needs help. We get her car to some old cabin, and she says she just needs gas. I give her my credit card and she says she'll be back in a minute. I tell my friend that I think I can trust this girl, because the last girl I helped ended up stealing my wallet (which may have been from a totally different dream). The girl comes back and puts gas in her car. As she's about to leave, some guys in a big pickup truck try to steal her car. I go outside and try to stop them. Then, somehow, I'm watching all this play out on a video, and this guy is standing behind me narrating, like he's seen it all before. I leave and hop in a bug truck with a bunch of guys, and we go to an apartment where we're all living. I get on Facebook and see that my Mom has logged in. I try to chat with her, but then I turn around and see she's standing right behind me. I get up and give her a hug.

Monday, November 09, 2009

1) I'm at work, and it's a mix of people from my shops in Utah and Italy. We're having some kind of luncheon and I'm trying to linger at the back of the room. Our superintendent calls me out, and makes me stand in front of everyone because I'm getting ready to deploy. I move toward the front of the room, and stand between two other guys. Everyone starts telling funny stories about me, but I don't remember any of the stories actually happening. I just keep smiling and laughing when everyone else laughs. Then they ask me to tell a story, but I'm not sure if anything I remember will be something they remember.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

1) I'm living in a huge warehouse with a bunch of people. Most of them are there because they like to race cars and there's some big race going on and they have no place else to stay. I'm sleeping on a little cot between two people I don't know, but I can't really sleep because everyone is being loud. All I can think about is how I want to see the "Where The Wild Things Are" movie, and it's playing soon. So I decide to get up and walk outside. I find the movie theatre and go inside. The movie starts and after about two hours, the wild things still haven't shown up, and I'm wondering if this is some kind of special director's cut or something.

2) I'm at the top of the World Trade Center with about fifteen other people. The planes have already hit, and everyone up there is kind of in shock. I already know that the towers are going to collapse, but I don't think anyone else knows. I'm just wondering what it's going to feel like when the floor falls out from under us, and when everything will eventually go black. Some guys grab a big couch from inside and toss it out a window. I'm not sure what they're trying to do, but then I think maybe there was someone sitting on it and he's hoping it will break his fall. It's starting to get really smoky, and I go back out to the observation balcony. I look over the side and I see the flames coming out of the building and people running around on the ground. I start to walk back inside, and then the building starts to fall. Slowly at first, and then faster. I get that falling feeling in the pit of my stomach. Suddenly, I find myself in water. It's almost like a swimming pool because it's so bright and clear. I'm wondering if the rest of the building is going to fall on top of me, but the only thing I can see in the water are other people.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1) I'm home visiting my parents, and we go out to eat with their Wednesday night crew. After we get back home, we cut into a cheesecake I made earlier that day. After we eat, I see there are tons of dishes in the sink, so I start washing them. But every time I wash a dish, there seems to be even more. I try washing them faster, but they somehow keep piling up. I decide to give up, and maybe do some more in the morning. I go into another room where everyone is watching television. I sit on a really comfortable sofa and pull a blanket over me. A little brown dachshund jumps on my lap, and it's the friendliest dog ever. I start petting it and playing with it, and I feel like we kinda understand each other. I instantly fall in love with this dog. The next morning, everyone is really sad, and I feel like it has something to do with the dog. There's another family staying at our house, and they have all their bags packed and we have to take them to the airport.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

1) I'm riding on some kind of environmentally-friendly electric motorcycle that hovers above the ground. I think I'm in Chicago, and I'm riding downtown by the river. I'm not really sure of my destination. I'm just riding around, trying to find someplace cool to go. I end up stopping at a pre-school. There are all these mothers outside waiting to pick up their children, and I start up a conversation with one. She asks about my motorcycle and I start making up a bunch of stuff about it, hoping that she doesn't know the real answer. MSgt Hammes comes out and he and I go to this big bookstore. He buys something, but I don't see what it is.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1) I'm on the Titanic with everyone from my choir in college. We're on deck when it hits the iceberg, but nobody really seems to care. We get into the lifeboats and I'm in one with Kim and Nikki. They take us to shore, which doesn't seem that far away, and put us all on a big school bus. They take us to a high school where we have to walk up and down these really steep stairs, but we don't really get anywhere. Kim and Nikki are trying to get back to the bus to get their clothes, but we're supposed to warm up first. I tell them I'll sneak off and run to the bus to get their stuff, but I'm worried Doc will get mad.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1) I've been invited to my friend Chad's gallery opening, but before I go, I have to help my brother move this big couch. The couch is in the back of a big truck, and it seems like Chris is totally taking his time. I'm getting really frustrated, but trying not to think about it. I'm sitting in the front seat reading a self-help book written by Brad Pitt. I get out of the truck and walk down this really steep hill toward the gallery. As I get closer, I see there are so many people gathered around, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it inside. I'm hoping I can just yell out for Chad, and he'll make people move aside and let me through.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1) I'm walking through a little seaside fishing village, and a small dog is following me. Then it gets in front of me and wants me to follow it. We go between a bunch of small houses, and the dog stops at one, and then runs away. I look in the house and my friend Rob is inside. I haven't seen him in a long time, so I knock on the door. He opens the door and we hug and he tells me he's getting ready to move back to Utah. I go inside and start helping him move a bunch of boxes. There's a strange talk show on television, and we take a break and laugh at the crazy people on it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1) I'm sleeping over at MSgt Hammes' house, and the next morning, we all get up and get in their car to go to work. Trish is dressed in her scrubs and she's sitting in the driver's seat. I'm in the back, and the two of them are talking about something but I can't hear what they're saying. Trish puts her feet up on the dashboard. Suddenly, I'm riding in a totally different car. This time, Luke is in the passenger seat, and his wife is driving. They're both smoking. I'm wondering if I'm going to make it to work on time.

Friday, July 10, 2009

1) I move into a really old house with a basement. It rains a lot, and the basement floods. There's some old furniture down there, but nothing major, so I invite all my friends over to see if we can do anything about it. The basement is really big, and somehow, it's only flooded in certain parts, but where it is flooded, it's a couple feet deep. I start hopping across the tops of couches and desks, trying not to fall in the water. I go back outside, and my friends are all running around. I start chasing them, and somehow end up in this big forest. We're trying to find different paths, and I follow one down into a big, rocky ravine. I see some mountain lions, and wonder if they see me. I keep really still because I'm not sure how dangerous they are.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

1) I go to Shaun's house, and he tells me he has some problems with his house flooding the week before. I go into his basement, and there are stairs that just keep going further and further down. Eventually, they go all the way to these canals from Venice. It's really beautiful and the architecture is amazing. I go back upstairs and everyone has gone out for dinner, so I don't know what to do.

Monday, June 08, 2009

1) I'm in a recording studio with the Beatles and they're recording songs they'll eventually do on "A Hard Day's Night." John Paul Jones is there and keeps claiming that he's really the fifth Beatle. We all record a couple songs together, and they give the recording to me. I give it to this secretary lady that works there, and tell her to never lose it. I get the autographs of all the Beatles, and the Mike Tyson shows up. I get his autograph, too, on the same paper as the Beatles. The Beatles leave the studio, and there are tons of screaming girls outside. I walk out with Mike Tyson, and we have to go through this really small tunnel, which keeps getting smaller and smaller until we have to crawl. The tunnel becomes a bridge over a river, and I'm getting a little claustrophobic and worried it's going to fall.