Friday, November 27, 2009

1) I'm at work one night, and Carrie Thomas comes in and tells me I have to act in a play the next day and I need to go home and memorise a bunch of lines. The play is some kind of modern-day take on Hamlet. I get back to work the next morning and I'm wearing PT gear. I haven't memorised my lines at all, plus I'm supposed to be in a dance recital that morning. Work looks like a classroom, and there are these really nice Apple laptops at every desk. I sit at my desk, and I'm looking at stuff on the internet. I end up finding some site where a bunch of frat guys are dipping their balls in mugs of beer and then giving them to girls to drink. I think it's funny, and when JoAnn comes in, I show it to her. Then some PT leader guy comes in and we all stand in a circle lifting dumbbells. The PT leader guy is standing right behind me, so I turn around and tell him to get off my ass. JoAnn starts laughing, and I tell her I've had enough PT and that I need to study my lines for the play that afternoon.

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