Saturday, July 26, 2008

1) I'm at my house in Morganfield, and I walk outside into the driveway. I look over at the Gamblin's house, and it looks like they're getting ready to go boating. Garah comes over and we start talking. I tell her I'm thinking about going to the river today, too, and she says she'll come with me. We walk to the river, and there's a big marina there. David Bowie has a houseboat there, and it's really modern and brightly coloured. We go onto the house boat, and I see Brian Doughty there. Garah starts talking to David Bowie, and I'm talking to Brian, but the whole time, I'm wondering what Garah and David are talking about.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

1) I'm working on a weekend, and I keep switching in and out of uniform. I'm doing some repairs on a well, and MSgt Hammes and SSgt Barnett show up. They say there's just looking around, but I feel like they're checking up on me. I go home and Abby is there. We're hanging out in my living room, and Abby says, "Is that a horse in your yard?" I look outside, and there's a horse walking just outside my fence. I walk outside, and my vision starts to get really blurry, especially in my right eye. After that, we meet up with Shaun and go to some guy's house because he's having a party. The whole time I'm worried about having to go to work or getting a standby call. There are lots of drugs there, and even though Shaun acts freaked out, I think he secretly wants to try some. We leave the party, and I go to my parents' house, which looks like a cross between their house and my house. Nobody's home, so I go inside and start playing with Rudy. I let him outside, and he's really excited and starts running around. I'm chasing him around and laughing. There's a big waterslide in the back yard, and he keeps jumping in and sliding down. One time he jumps in and the pressure surges and he comes out the bottom really fast and hits the house really hard. I run over and see him lying in a pile of leaves. I pick him up and he's broken his neck and he's not breathing. I start crying.

Monday, July 07, 2008

1) I've been volunteered to meet General Franklin's (the base commander for Aviano) plane, so I put on my best uniform and head to the flightline. His plane lands, and I walk up the stairs and salute and all the other stuff I'm supposed to do. Then I see the whole USAFE commander with him, so I do all the proper military stuff again. General Franklin starts joking around with me and tells me to loosen up. We leave the plane, and I meet his assistant, another Staff. He and I and couple other airmen walk behind the hangar and we're looking around for some kind of part he needs to fix the airplane. I ask him how he likes his job, and he says it's pretty cool, but he doesn't have time to meet girls or anything.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

1) I'm managing a band, and we have a deal set up with a guy who runs a club. The band is supposed to play there, and the club guy is supposed to promote it, but he's backing out on his end of the deal. Meanwhile, I have to go to work on base on a weekend and take care of some wells. I'm driving around base trying to find some chlorine and I get a standby call at the dorm. I get there and I'm looking for a certain dorm room, wondering if it's someone I know. After that, I'm hanging out with Abby and bunch of her friends. We're playing Pictionary, and everything Abby draws has to do with nursing, but nobody can guess what she's drawing because nobody else knows anything about nursing and she's drawing really complicated stuff. After that, we go to a mall, and I walk into a music store and see all these Madonna albums I don't own. I'm wondering how I'd never heard of them before.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

1) I'm at a Madonna concert. She's performing in a big stadium, and is using the entire field as her stage. I'm sitting at a bar at one end with a bunch of girls I don't know. They're really nice, though, and we keep buying each other drinks. Madonna has an entire marching band with her, and I keep watching the video screens because I can't see very well from where I am. Toward the end of the show, Madonna pulls me up and puts this red jacket on me. She tells me she's going to start singing, and I have to lead the way where she's going to walk through the crowd. I tell her she's probably going to get mauled by everyone, but she doesn't care.