Saturday, July 12, 2008

1) I'm working on a weekend, and I keep switching in and out of uniform. I'm doing some repairs on a well, and MSgt Hammes and SSgt Barnett show up. They say there's just looking around, but I feel like they're checking up on me. I go home and Abby is there. We're hanging out in my living room, and Abby says, "Is that a horse in your yard?" I look outside, and there's a horse walking just outside my fence. I walk outside, and my vision starts to get really blurry, especially in my right eye. After that, we meet up with Shaun and go to some guy's house because he's having a party. The whole time I'm worried about having to go to work or getting a standby call. There are lots of drugs there, and even though Shaun acts freaked out, I think he secretly wants to try some. We leave the party, and I go to my parents' house, which looks like a cross between their house and my house. Nobody's home, so I go inside and start playing with Rudy. I let him outside, and he's really excited and starts running around. I'm chasing him around and laughing. There's a big waterslide in the back yard, and he keeps jumping in and sliding down. One time he jumps in and the pressure surges and he comes out the bottom really fast and hits the house really hard. I run over and see him lying in a pile of leaves. I pick him up and he's broken his neck and he's not breathing. I start crying.

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