Friday, January 25, 2008

1) I'm in my truck and I'm pulling up to go shopping at a Banana Republic. I leave my sunglasses in my car because I don't want to lose them. I go inside and see Aaron Fenstermaker working. I run up to her and hug her and ask why she's working at Banana in Utah. We chat for a bit, and then I see all kinds of people I know working there, including Sharon from Roosters. I'm walking around the store, and I get confused by which section is the men's section and which is the women's. I look down and my pants are gone and all I can see is my boxers. I'm walking around looking to see if anyone has my pants. I keep telling myself I'm not dreaming because I can feel my toes moving around in my shoes. I look back down, and I have my pants on again, but my wallet and keys are gone. I see a bunch of thugs walking around, and I'm almost certain they're the ones who took my pants. I kinda follow them around the store and purposefully bump into one of them. He glares at me and I glare back at him. I walk back over to Aaron and ask her if she saw anything, but she didn't.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

1) I'm in an antique mall with my Mom and two girls who I think are twins, but they must be fraternal because one is blond and the other is brunette. We're walking around, and I come across an old corridor, and open up a big door into the floor. I just open it a little bit, but some kind of spirit flies out and there's glitter all over the place. I get this wonderful feeling and I can't stop smiling. I find Mom and the twins and they're feeling really good, too. We keep walking around the mall, and I go back and check on the big door. It opens a little more and more glitter comes out. Every time I check on it, it's opened a little more. When it opens all the way, I'm feeling really, really good, but when I go to find Mom and the twins, I can't find them. I go into one store, and see them, but I get closer and they've turned into statues. I start freaking out and wondering if anyone will believe me. I look to see how much the price tag on them is so I can buy them and take them home to see if I can fix them.

2) I'm snowboarding at some resort I've never been to before. Jay is there with me, and it's getting close to the end of the day. He tells me he's been charged with some kind of crime in Indiana, but he's going to give them my name to get him off the hook since I'll be in Italy. He keeps telling me to come visit him, but if the cops are going to be looking for me, I don't want to. We go into the lodge to warm up, and I'm trying to get a picture of the side of the mountain, but every time I get ready to take one, it gets really foggy.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

1) I'm standing outside Buckingham Palace with a little girl and we're playing a video game that's been set up for display. An old lady walks by and says something about watching our backs. We hear a gunshot go off, and I turn around to see a lady fall on the ground and into an underground tunnel. I run up to her, and see that it's Princess Diana. I take off my jacket and put it around her. I keep telling her she'll be fine and yelling at everyone else to call an ambulance. She's very calm, but she keeps wanting to turn over. I tell her to remain still.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

1) I'm flying somewhere out of SLC, and I have a layover in Boise. When I get there, they tell everyone that all flights have been cancelled because a big blizzard is on the way. I ask a lady if they're going to put us up in a hotel, and she says no. I start looking around the airport for good places to crash, but every time I find one, someone takes it right before I do. I'm trying to think if I know anyone in Boise, and the only person I can think of that's been stationed near there is Steve Gerke, but I don't have his number, so I call Jason Johnson to see if he has it, but he doesn't Then I call Chad because I know he used to live in Boise and still has a lot of friends here. And I'm thinking maybe he can pull some strings and one of them will let me stay at his place and shower and stuff. I call Chad, but instead I get his Mom's voicemail, so I leave a message asking if somehow Chad could give me a call back. I get a call back from Chad and he says he changed his number because he has a new job as a flight attendant. I start talking to this really hot flight attendant who's also stuck in the airport, and she and I watch a movie on my laptop.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1) It's my first day back at work, and I'm running late. As I'm going through the gate, I realise I still haven't gotten a haircut yet, and there's no way I can show up like this. I drive around the flightline trying to decide what to do. I stop at the gym hoping to find a barber shop. Weird Al is sitting in a table there, and he says he needs me to take my PT test. I tell him I can't because I just went snowboarding the day before and my abs are sore. I ask him to call Dr. Earle (my old piano professor) and tell her I have to get a haircut before coming in to work. I sit with him and two girls at a table waiting for a barber. After that, I go outside but I can't find my car. I end up walking to the house in Morganfield, and it looks like my Mom is home for lunch. I go next door to Garah's house, and there's a girl with green skin in their garage. She's some kind of mutant, and I ask if she can get me back to base. She grabs me and we start flying toward base, but she doesn't take me all the way there. I get onto base, and I see a bunch of kids walking to school. I see the mutant girl, but she doesn't have green skin anymore.