Saturday, January 05, 2008

1) I'm flying somewhere out of SLC, and I have a layover in Boise. When I get there, they tell everyone that all flights have been cancelled because a big blizzard is on the way. I ask a lady if they're going to put us up in a hotel, and she says no. I start looking around the airport for good places to crash, but every time I find one, someone takes it right before I do. I'm trying to think if I know anyone in Boise, and the only person I can think of that's been stationed near there is Steve Gerke, but I don't have his number, so I call Jason Johnson to see if he has it, but he doesn't Then I call Chad because I know he used to live in Boise and still has a lot of friends here. And I'm thinking maybe he can pull some strings and one of them will let me stay at his place and shower and stuff. I call Chad, but instead I get his Mom's voicemail, so I leave a message asking if somehow Chad could give me a call back. I get a call back from Chad and he says he changed his number because he has a new job as a flight attendant. I start talking to this really hot flight attendant who's also stuck in the airport, and she and I watch a movie on my laptop.

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