Friday, January 25, 2008

1) I'm in my truck and I'm pulling up to go shopping at a Banana Republic. I leave my sunglasses in my car because I don't want to lose them. I go inside and see Aaron Fenstermaker working. I run up to her and hug her and ask why she's working at Banana in Utah. We chat for a bit, and then I see all kinds of people I know working there, including Sharon from Roosters. I'm walking around the store, and I get confused by which section is the men's section and which is the women's. I look down and my pants are gone and all I can see is my boxers. I'm walking around looking to see if anyone has my pants. I keep telling myself I'm not dreaming because I can feel my toes moving around in my shoes. I look back down, and I have my pants on again, but my wallet and keys are gone. I see a bunch of thugs walking around, and I'm almost certain they're the ones who took my pants. I kinda follow them around the store and purposefully bump into one of them. He glares at me and I glare back at him. I walk back over to Aaron and ask her if she saw anything, but she didn't.

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Anonymous said...

so, here i am, bored at work. and i google my name.and i find you! yay! and, you are having weird random dreams about me. yay again. i like to make that kind of impact-