Sunday, April 30, 2006

1) I'm shopping at some really expensive designer store somewhere, and when I pick up a pair of shoes, the sales lady is really mean to me.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

1) I'm at the Hospitality House and we're all getting ready to go to a movie, but nobody can decide on which movie to see. Everyone is playing video games and I get really frustrated and leave.

2) I'm sponsoring a new troop and I pick her up late at night from the airport, and the first thing we do is find her an apartment. We find one that's owned by this really old couple and it's kind of in their basement, but it includes a car, so she moves in, but the old couple keeps coming around all the time and they're really annoying.

3) I'm in some kind of support group with about 80 people and Roseanne Barr is leading it. Liam Neeson is there and confesses that he used to be gay, but not anymore. Since it's my first time there, Roseanna asks me to pray at the end.

4) I'm going to some kind of musical and I'm going to my seat which ends up being on the stage. This girl is there with a small TV watching Aretha Franklin videos. The musical starts and it's in this huge auditorium and it's packed. All of the sudden, I realise I'm in the musical, so I get up and sit in the audience. The Backstreet Boys show up and sing a song. Then I get back on stage and start singing and dancing. Then some mascot that looks like a purple dinosaur shows up and half the audience runs over to get pictures of it. I get upset and leave.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

1) It's Halloween and I'm going around to different parties and watching scary movies. I end up at Kelley Alvey's house and I'm trying to figure out a program on her computer. Paul Dinkins and my Aunt Karen are there, too, and I tell them I'm getting ready to leave for Iraq.

2) I'm in Iraq and I'm doing maintenance on latrine trailers with Matt Damon. We're working and we have the trailer closed down, but some guy comes in anyway, and we start yelling at him.

3) I'm at home and my parents and brother come in and my brother has bought porn for the whole family as gifts. Mine is two movies and two dirty novels.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1) I'm back in Morganfield hanging out with my family and a bunch of people I grew up with. For some reason, I tell my friends that my Mom is cousins with Lynn Lovern's Mom, which is totally not true. Nobody believes me, so I get my Mom and we take a walk through the woods. I ask her if it's true, and she says it's not, so I ask her if she'll tell everyone it is. Then my Dad and this other guy and I are walking through the woods looking for different trails.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

1) I'm going to get ice cream with Naomi Watts, and we somehow end up on this deserted island. King Kong is there, but it's a girl and she seems really ill. We try to take care of her, but it's like she doesn't want out help. We travel around the island looking for someone else who might know something, but we can't find anyone.

Monday, April 10, 2006

1) I'm at a huge concert hall and it's really crowded. I have a great seat toward the front. There is an entire ensemble on stage with a piano in the center. The audience is kind of restless. A guy comes out and starts playing, and as soon as he hits the first note, the crowd goes silent. He starts playing the greatest song I've ever heard. Suddenly, I realise I'm the guy playing the piano, and it's like I'm on stage playing and in the crowd listening at the same time. The song builds and builds and the whole ensemble joins in. I'm playing stronger than I've ever played before and I'm pounding on the keys as hard as I can. When the song ends, the entire place goes into an uproar. I'm trying to walk out of the audience and off the stage at the same time, but there are so many people, I can't move.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

1) I'm going to the theatre with Garah. It's really crowded and we sit down. There are ladies going around getting drink orders, but Garah wants to go to the concession stand. I try to give her some money, but she refuses. She gets back and my phone rings. I get called in to work. I leave the theatre, and when I get to work, Stephanie Walker is there. She tells me she needs my help at an old boat house. I walk to the boat house, and Dad and Chris are there. We all get in this boat, and start heading out on a big lake. We get to another dock, and Ken and Monica Larmon are there. They're just leaving. Ken says he tried to fix it, but he can't.