Thursday, April 27, 2006

1) I'm at the Hospitality House and we're all getting ready to go to a movie, but nobody can decide on which movie to see. Everyone is playing video games and I get really frustrated and leave.

2) I'm sponsoring a new troop and I pick her up late at night from the airport, and the first thing we do is find her an apartment. We find one that's owned by this really old couple and it's kind of in their basement, but it includes a car, so she moves in, but the old couple keeps coming around all the time and they're really annoying.

3) I'm in some kind of support group with about 80 people and Roseanne Barr is leading it. Liam Neeson is there and confesses that he used to be gay, but not anymore. Since it's my first time there, Roseanna asks me to pray at the end.

4) I'm going to some kind of musical and I'm going to my seat which ends up being on the stage. This girl is there with a small TV watching Aretha Franklin videos. The musical starts and it's in this huge auditorium and it's packed. All of the sudden, I realise I'm in the musical, so I get up and sit in the audience. The Backstreet Boys show up and sing a song. Then I get back on stage and start singing and dancing. Then some mascot that looks like a purple dinosaur shows up and half the audience runs over to get pictures of it. I get upset and leave.

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