Saturday, August 26, 2006

1) I'm home visiting my parents, and we're going to some kind of family gathering. We get there, and everyone is sitting around a hot tub. Everyone tells me to get in, but I don't have a any trunks, so I just get in naked, but I'm feeling really weird since this is my family. So, I'm sitting in the hot tub naked and there's this really attractive girl I've never seen before who's a friend of the family, but she's just graduated high-school, so she's a little young. I get up and start talking to my Aunt Suzie about Al Green. She makes me some scrambled eggs, but they're really dry and powdery. I'm trying to put my clothes back on, but they're wet and keep sticking together. I look back toward the hot tub, and my maternal Grandfather is driving around in a limousine. I look into his eyes, and I can tell he knows he's close to death. The limousine drives away, and I look at my Aunt, and I'm about to cry.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

1) I'm living in an apartment with Ryan, Caleb, and Tanya, and one day I leave to go to the gym. I'm running on the treadmill and there's a guy running next to me, and he keeps looking over to see how fast I'm running, and then setting his just a little faster. Plus, there's a guy working at the gym who is trying to hang a picture on the wall right behind me, and it's making me frustrated, so I get off the treadmill. I decide I've had enough working out and go to take a shower, but I don't have a towel or anything with me, so I go back home. When I get there, I find that Caleb and Tanya have moved out, and rent for Ryan and me is going to be doubled. I'm walking back toward base with Caleb, and he's walking along the top of a bunch of buildings and I'm walking along the sidewalk. He keeps telling me the view on top is great, but there's a bad smell in the air.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

1) I'm in college, but I'm living at home in the house in Morganfield. I have a class project where I'm supposed to bring in a bunch of old family pictures and tell stories about them, but I forget about it until the morning it's due. I'm about to leave for school, and I start to go through an old photo album, but I realise I'm gonna be late, and I'd rather not have the project done than be late for class. I'm also upset with my Mom for drinking all the bottled water in the refrigerator.

2) I'm on some kind of pre-deployment exercise and I'm talking to Reese, who's just told me that she's getting out of the Air Force. I'm asking her a bunch of questions, and I realise I know the guy who signed her paperwork, and I'm about to tell her that, but there's this other guy there who's giving me funny looks, so I pull Reese aside and tell her in private. We start to walk back out, but it looks like everyone else is standing in formation, so we wait for a few minutes, but end up walking outside anyway. Everyone breaks up, and I see Stephanie so I walk over to talk to her. We're getting ready to lunch, so everyone lines up outside the mobile kitchen trailer (MKT). I somehow get lined up on the wrong side of the MKT, but the girl working inside opens the door for me anyway. I ask her if they have a veggie plate, and she gives me one. We have a short conversation, and then she asks if I want anything to drink. I tell her milk is fine, and she gives me a carton of milk, but I don't see it on my tray, so I ask her for it again, and I look down and it's there. I go to sit at a table, but I can't find anyone I know, so I sit with these random girls that I think are in my squadron, but I'm not sure. Eventually, Stephanie comes to sit down, and I feel better.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

1) I'm on a trip to Baltimore with a bunch of people. I meet up with Dan and all of us are walking around downtown. We're at some kind of big mall and we stop for lunch. Afterward, Dan and I are tired and we just want to get back to the hotel room, but we don't know how to ditch everyone without them seeing. We start going through a revolving door into a department store, and everyone else goes in, but we keep going around the door and walk back out.

2) I'm at a soccer game and I see Brenda from "Six Feet Under," and she's drinking a beer. After the game, I'm at work, and we're brainstorming a bunch of advertising ideas. Tom Selleck is there, too. After that, me and a bunch of people I work with are at a bar, but it's still duty hours, so all I drink is root beer. Brenda comes in and sits down. I ask her when she's due, but she tells me she lost her baby. We talk for a long time, and all I want to do is hug her.

Monday, August 14, 2006

1) I'm back in college, and I'm sitting in class and this lady keeps coming in and interrupting the professor. After class, I'm talking with my friend Nikki, and she says the lady was in charge of the formal dance the year before and has a bunch of beer mugs left over. I decide to go and find the lady to see if I can grab some beer mugs. I find this old building where all the mugs are stashed, and I walk by a big mirror. There's a dark mark on my forehead, so I try to wipe it off, but when I do, all this clear gel starts oozing out. I look back in the mirror and there's one big hole in my head where my eyes should be, but I can still see. I'm freaking out and run outside asking for help, but nobody else can see what's wrong with me.

2) I'm driving down the street in a big city and it's nighttime. I'm stopped at a stoplight and this homeless guy walks by my car and asks if he can wash my windows. I tell him no. He walks to another car and washes their windows. When he walks back by my car, he smashes my windshield with a hammer. I don't know what to do because I don't want him to attack me, and the light turns green, so I just drive. I get to work, and tell TSgt Chavez about it, but he doesn't seem to care.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

1) I'm on a beach with Ken and he's really interested in catching a shark. I don't want to, but I go along with it anyway. We find ourselves out in a boat in the middle of the water, and this huge shark keeps swimming by. I'm getting really nervous, but Ken wants it to come closer. It swims closer and just stops. I start walking along the side of it, and Ken gets back in the boat and drives away. I'm wondering if the shark is going to eat me, but he never does. I run my hands along the big fin on his back, and it feels very rough. Ken comes back and gets me and we go back to shore. Ken gives me this thing to put on the tire of my truck that's supposed to attract and detects sharks if they come close. I don't understand how a shark is going to come down the highway, but I put it on anyway.

2) I'm back in high school, and I'm walking to math class. There are two big tables at the end of the hall, and everyone is stopping to sign something. I get closer and see that it's a bunch of Mormon students signing a big roster to get into heaven, and if you don't sign it, then you're not getting in. Everyone in the whole school has stopped, but I walk by. They all give me funny looks. I sit at my desk at class, and I'm wondering if I have time to go back to my locker and get my camera. So I get up and run down the hall to my locker. When I go back past the tables, one of the guys running the table tries to stop me and ask why I didn't sign the roster. I ask him if I can take their pictures, and he says it shouldn't be a problem. I grab my camera, and on the way back to the tables, I tell him that I have no problem with his beliefs, but I think it's bad to bring them into school and try to force them on people. He's nice about it, but he keeps looking at me funny. We get back to the table and everyone poses for pictures. The main thing I want to get pictures of is the big rosters that everyone has signed. One girl holds them up very proudly. I go back to my class, but it's already started, and I don't want to walk in late, so I start wandering around the school until the next period.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

1) I call my cousin, Keri, and tell her that we should get married, but only for convenience and the tax breaks. She agrees. I go over to her parents' house and up to her room. She's studying. She's got a poster of Duran Duran on the wall, and I realise that I'm in some kind of time warp and it's 1985 or something. I start to ask her about Eric, her husband, but then I remember that she's not already married and she hasn't even met him yet. She starts asking me what I think about her various art projects in cases all over her room. Also, there's a big aquarium with some kind of strange fish in it, but it looks more like that big creature, Falkor, that Atreyu flew in The Neverending Story. I take my time looking around her room, but slowly try to sneak out and hope that she forgot that I asked her to marry me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

1) I'm sitting in a really dark bar with two girls from Readiness, Sharron (one of the managers at Roosters), Kyle, and a couple other people. The bar is in some big city, but I don't know where. Occassionally, the bartender will come by and give us some kind of ridiculous mission to accomplish, so we all get up and do it. The missions are really weird and don't really do anything. One of them is just to drive down this narrow alley really fast without getting hit by these giant fireballs that fly by.

2) I'm at some kind of military camp. The only people I know are Jerm, Caleb, and Tanya, but there are lots of people from Hill. One of the things we have to do is run five miles in our desert boots, and I'm kinda worried I won't do it fast enough. At one point during the run, people start sliding down a big hill, but I'm worried that if I do it, I'll get disqualified. I go into a class and Randy, one of the civilians I work with, is there. We all start teasing him because at the end of the week, we'll have to wear our blues and he'll have to shave his beard. When everything is over, we're all waiting to take a shower, and a bunch of us are sitting outside. This other girl refers to Tanya as "Wednesday," and I start wondering that maybe Tanya isn't her real name.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

1) I'm at my shop getting ready to deploy. My old supervisor is there, and he's making me really nervous. A bunch of people are standing around talking, and this girl comes in asking if we can help her hoist the sail on her sailboat that's in the parking lot. Some of the guys go out to help, but I have to leave because I'm getting ready to deploy. I go out to my truck, and get in. I start driving, but I stop by this outdoor pharmacy because I want to get a refill on my Claritin before I deploy. The pharmacist is behind this big wooden table with a bunch of chains on it. She looks at my suspiciously and asks a bunch of questions, but ends up giving me my pills anyway. When she does, she puts the bottle on the end of one of the chains and tosses it to me. I get to the desert, and I'm on a convoy to a remote camp. When I get there, I'm talking to all these local Arab people, and they're being nice to me, but they're talking about how much they want to kill Americans. They start hurling all these rubies and emeralds and other jewels at the American camp with slingshots. They ask if I want to, and I decline. At the end of the day, it's time for me to go back to the main camp, but the vehicle I was driving has a flat tire, so they replace it with a tire from a 10-speed bicycle. I start driving, and the 10-speed bicycle tire buckles under the weight, and I go back to camp to see if they have something else for it. This guy from my squadron is there in another vehicle, but he tells me I'm stuck there because I can't go back to the main camp withouth the vehicle I left in.