Thursday, August 17, 2006

1) I'm in college, but I'm living at home in the house in Morganfield. I have a class project where I'm supposed to bring in a bunch of old family pictures and tell stories about them, but I forget about it until the morning it's due. I'm about to leave for school, and I start to go through an old photo album, but I realise I'm gonna be late, and I'd rather not have the project done than be late for class. I'm also upset with my Mom for drinking all the bottled water in the refrigerator.

2) I'm on some kind of pre-deployment exercise and I'm talking to Reese, who's just told me that she's getting out of the Air Force. I'm asking her a bunch of questions, and I realise I know the guy who signed her paperwork, and I'm about to tell her that, but there's this other guy there who's giving me funny looks, so I pull Reese aside and tell her in private. We start to walk back out, but it looks like everyone else is standing in formation, so we wait for a few minutes, but end up walking outside anyway. Everyone breaks up, and I see Stephanie so I walk over to talk to her. We're getting ready to lunch, so everyone lines up outside the mobile kitchen trailer (MKT). I somehow get lined up on the wrong side of the MKT, but the girl working inside opens the door for me anyway. I ask her if they have a veggie plate, and she gives me one. We have a short conversation, and then she asks if I want anything to drink. I tell her milk is fine, and she gives me a carton of milk, but I don't see it on my tray, so I ask her for it again, and I look down and it's there. I go to sit at a table, but I can't find anyone I know, so I sit with these random girls that I think are in my squadron, but I'm not sure. Eventually, Stephanie comes to sit down, and I feel better.

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