Thursday, August 10, 2006

1) I'm on a beach with Ken and he's really interested in catching a shark. I don't want to, but I go along with it anyway. We find ourselves out in a boat in the middle of the water, and this huge shark keeps swimming by. I'm getting really nervous, but Ken wants it to come closer. It swims closer and just stops. I start walking along the side of it, and Ken gets back in the boat and drives away. I'm wondering if the shark is going to eat me, but he never does. I run my hands along the big fin on his back, and it feels very rough. Ken comes back and gets me and we go back to shore. Ken gives me this thing to put on the tire of my truck that's supposed to attract and detects sharks if they come close. I don't understand how a shark is going to come down the highway, but I put it on anyway.

2) I'm back in high school, and I'm walking to math class. There are two big tables at the end of the hall, and everyone is stopping to sign something. I get closer and see that it's a bunch of Mormon students signing a big roster to get into heaven, and if you don't sign it, then you're not getting in. Everyone in the whole school has stopped, but I walk by. They all give me funny looks. I sit at my desk at class, and I'm wondering if I have time to go back to my locker and get my camera. So I get up and run down the hall to my locker. When I go back past the tables, one of the guys running the table tries to stop me and ask why I didn't sign the roster. I ask him if I can take their pictures, and he says it shouldn't be a problem. I grab my camera, and on the way back to the tables, I tell him that I have no problem with his beliefs, but I think it's bad to bring them into school and try to force them on people. He's nice about it, but he keeps looking at me funny. We get back to the table and everyone poses for pictures. The main thing I want to get pictures of is the big rosters that everyone has signed. One girl holds them up very proudly. I go back to my class, but it's already started, and I don't want to walk in late, so I start wandering around the school until the next period.

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