Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1) I'm deployed, but I'm in some kind of tropical area instead of the desert. There are these small lakes all over the place with huge metal structures in them, and these big beams swinging back and forth all the time. The commander has imposed all these ridiculous rules about when we have to do our laundry and getting our pictures taken. I'm sitting with a small group of people in the rec center waiting for our pictures to get taken, and we decide to play cards for a while. One girl there is really picky about where she sits and how the cards are dealt. Hillary Clinton comes in and sits down next to us and starts playing solitaire. I go into the bathroom to check my hair for the picture, then up to the dorm where all these guys are gathering people's bed linens. I see a Cody and MSgt Dawdy, who's already retired but visiting in civilian clothes, and say hi, but they just look at me funny so I leave. I walk outside and Nick and Neil are setting up a sleeping area on this overlook. I want to sleep out there, too, but it looks kinda dangerous.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

1) I'm in a loft with the cast of Friends. We're staying there over a weekend and we're all having fun and cracking jokes. I leave and I'm walking across a big parking lot. I go inside another building, and there's a big dining room with a long table down the middle. An old Chinese man is sitting at the front and he's yelling at everyone else in the room. I'm trying not to be seen. Then the Chinese man goes crazy and starts karate chopping everyone and killing them. He's floating over the table and using his sword and there's blood everywhere. I grab one of the guys and we run out of the room. He's wearing all white and he's totally soaked. We go back into the building through another door, and somehow end up in my Church back in Morganfield. I'm pulling this guy through the hallway, and we pass by the choir rehearsal room and all the old people in there are saying, "Hey, look! It's Curt!" I just want to get the other guy to safety. I tell him to hide in the bathroom, and I'm going to see if I can find my parents and get help.

2) I'm going to a spiritual retreat for a week with a bunch of Air Force people. We fly on this huge double-decker plane and the front is completely glass. Nick and I are sitting in the front seat and when we take off, it feels like we're going to go upside down. We get to the camp and everyone's getting settled. It's getting dark, and suddenly this huge wildcat with purple glowing eyes starts running through the camp and eating people. It leaves, and I just want to take a shower. I go to the shower cabin and there are a bunch of people in there. Stephanie is getting into the shower as I'm getting out, but nobody seems to care. I see Afia Malone, who I knew back in Vegas. I start talking to her, but she seems really down. Someone opens up their bag and a big glowing purple rock falls out. Everyone that looks at it disintegrates. Afia calls 911, but the guy on the other line is clueless and Afia says it's because he's white. We leave the shower cabin and I ask Afia how she's been. She says her Mom hasn't been well at all. I'm walking back to my cabin and I hear a bunch of people screaming on the other side of the camp. There's another giant wildcat with the purple glowing eyes eating people. I start running for my cabin and out of the corner of my eye, I see another giant wildcat really close to me. I wonder if I should try to get on top of the cabin and if the wildcat will be able to see me up there.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1) I'm going through some readiness training out in the middle of the woods. I've got all my gear on, and it's hot and uncomfortable. I'm walking down this path, and I see some readiness people talking. They're laughing and joking, and they tell me I need to take cover. I ask why, and they just laugh. Then a huge bomb goes off and I hit the ground. The readiness people start laughing. After that, we're in a classroom, still in our gear, and I think we're about done for the day. Then the instructor tells us we have another twelve blocks of time. I stand up and start yelling about how none of the readiness people are taking anything seriously and not putting on their gear when they're supposed to or taking cover when bombs hit. He just blows me off, and I tell him I'm gonna fill out a horrible critique.

2) I'm home for Christmas, and my parents and I are driving to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve evening. We get there, and Mom and I are messing around in the car and Dad goes inside. When Mom and I finally go inside, there isn't anyone around. We start calling for everyone, but nobody answers. I'm thinking there's gonna be a big surprise, like my Mom's family is gonna be in from out of town, and they're gonna jump out and surprise us. But nobody does, and we keep walking back in the house. We eventually get to my grandparents bedroom, and I see my cousin Keri lying on the floor, and my Grandma is sitting in a chair next to her. Keri sits up and stares at us, and Grandma starts mumbling something incoherent.

Monday, October 22, 2007

1) I'm staying in this cabin out in the woods and it's really creepy. There are two cannibals roaming the forest, and I'm trying to lay low so they won't see me. Every time I look out the window, I see them walking around and they look like two guys I went to college with. I run outside and jump in a pickup truck, and they start chasing after me. We run around the truck, and I somehow trick them into getting in front of it so I can run them over. They get out of the way just in time, but I'm speeding down the road and they're chasing after me. I see a girl walking down the road and I pick her up. The cannibals are still chasing after us, and the girl tells me she needs to be dropped off at her father's house. I don't want to stop because the cannibals will catch us. We turn around and run over the cannibals right in front of the girl's father's house. The father runs out and I think he's going to yell at me, but he's grateful because he's been trying to kill the cannibals for months now.

2) I'm on vacation with my family and my Mom's sisters and Garah's family. We're all staying in this giant suite. I go shopping one day and find these really great lime green shoes. They're really weird and I don't have anything to wear them with, but I buy them anyway. I show them to my Mom and she says she likes them, but I don't really think she does. Garah has made brownies and they're sitting on the counter. I want to eat one, but I don't want to get caught.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1) I'm back in Morganfield and it's really late at night, but I go next door to Garah's house because she's having a big pool party. The music is kinda loud, and when I go up to hug Garah, she starts singing along with some other girl to the whole song, and I have to wait until it's over. Jon asks me to go grab him a beer, so I walk to the other side of the pool where all the coolers are. When I get there, Garah and Jon are both already there and grabbing beers for themselves. Garah goes to the top of a big tower to adjust the volume of the music, and she turns it up really loud. I'm wondering when someone will call the cops because of all the noise.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1) I'm on base and I've been picked to help foil some big plot to blow up a building. I have to infiltrate the bad guy's lair and make friends with them, and then relay all the information back to the base commander. The bad guys have this huge, red bomb and they somehow get it inside one of the main buildings on base. There's a big party going on that day, and I keep telling the commander to cancel the party, but she doesn't want to send everyone into a panic. So I'm running back and forth between the party and the room with the bomb trying to find out from the bad guys how to deactivate it. The bomb doesn't go off, but it's not because of anything I did. The bad guys just didn't know how to work it. I go back upstairs and the commander had a medal for me. I want to tell her I didn't really do anything, but there are lots of people watching.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

1) I'm in the fifth grade, and I'm hanging out at my friend Justin's house. He's got a lot of extra brothers and sisters...like, eleven or something, one of whom is Justin Timberlake. I'm playing with them all, and we're being really rowdy and throwing football in the house and running around and stuff. A bunch of them go into another room, and I'm walking around the big living room with the television, and I overhear his Dad telling Ronnie, the oldest brother, that they're going to get a divorce. They both look at me and I feel really awkward. His Dad asks me to get all the other kids rounded up in the living room, so I go into the room where they are and tell them to go in there so we can throw the ball some more. I start tossing the football with Justin, and I end up breaking a vase, but it's not expensive or anything and nobody cares.

Monday, October 08, 2007

1) Tom Cruise and some hot girl and I are trying to break in to a big skyscraper and we're haning on cables from the roof. We're swinging all over and trying to find a weak spot in the structure. We get to the ground, and we're walking around trying not to be seen by the workers in the building. We get inside, but as soon as we do, a guy sees us and pulls the alarm. We start running, and the girl gets away, but Tom and I get captured. The building is the headquarters for some religious cult that practices mind-control. They put this weird thing around Tom's neck and I never see him again. They keep trying to get me to put one around my neck, too, but I refuse. Everybody is being really nice to me, but I know it's just becaus they want me to join their cult. They interrogate me and finally, let me go home with some people who live in the town. I walk into their apartment, and they tell me I can make one phone call. I call my Grandfather, and he's kinda disoriented because he can't understand why I'm calling. I tell him he just needs to come and pick me up. He's driving around and can't understand where I'm talking about, so I call my Grandmother and she starts talking to me about how she doesn't like the small buttons on her new phone.

2) I'm at some kind of camp with Garah, and we're walking around and checking out different activities. There's one activity based on "Saved By The Bell" where Jessie Spano wants to get breast-augmentation surgery. Garah says it's ridiculous, but secretly, I want to see what happens. We keep walking and find out we have to march in some demonstration, and everyone's meeting at a park. I have to go to the bathroom, and when I walk in, I see this guy making out with some teenage girl. I walk outside to see if I can find her parents. I see some people from work, and they tell me about how one week in the summer, they close off this whole area and it becomes a nudist colony.

Friday, October 05, 2007

1) I'm in college and i go to a party with a bunch of hipsters. They're all talking about these bands I've never heard of and watching these strange artsy films on television. Jude Law is there, and a few minutes later, Ewan McGregor shows up. They seem like cool guys, but I don't get to talk to them much. There's also a handicapped girl who has braces on her feet and legs, and every time she walks by, I get really far out of her way because I'm not sure how much room she needs. I feel awkward because I don't want to make her feel like an inconvenience. Someone puts some music on, and I'm thinking it's by some obscure band, and someone else says it's Shiny Toy Guns, but I disagree, and everyone looks at me funny. I look up and both Jude and Ewan are gone, and I'm mad I didn't get my picture with the before they left.

2) I'm on vacation with my parents at some kind of resort. We're walking to a restaurant for dinner, and we all just have shorts on. Near the restaurant, there's some kind of club that's having a jitterbug contest, and my parents want to enter. But first, they want to go back to our hotel room and change into nicer clothes. They walk back, and I look at a clock and wonder if they're going to have time to make it back before the contest starts. I hop in a big huge pickup truck, and start driving it toward the hotel. It's a really big truck, and there's not a lot of room to get around, and I'm worried I'll run over something or someone. I get to the hotel, and I start looking around for my parents. I start having flashbacks to when I'm a teenager and I wreck the car, but my brother is also in trouble for some reason, which takes the heat off me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

1) I go down to Dallas to visit Abby. She picke me up at the airport and takes me to her house, which is different than before and huge. Her family is there, and I awkwardly ask if it's okay if my parents come and stay for a few days. They say it's fine and I go and pick my parents up at the airport. We drive around Dallas for a while, and then go back to Abby's. It's late at night and I'm talking to my parents but trying not to make a lot of noise. The next day, I have to get back to the airport, and I also have to take MSgt Frey with me, and I really can't stand him. All I have is a little mini-truck to take all our luggage, and I'm relieved when I find out he's going to be riding his bike. I wonder how long it's going to take him to get there, and if he'll even be able to ride his bike on the interstate. As I'm driving to the airport, I stop at Dairy Queen because I want some ice cream. They put tons of strawberries in my ice cream, and it's really good.