Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1) I'm on base and I've been picked to help foil some big plot to blow up a building. I have to infiltrate the bad guy's lair and make friends with them, and then relay all the information back to the base commander. The bad guys have this huge, red bomb and they somehow get it inside one of the main buildings on base. There's a big party going on that day, and I keep telling the commander to cancel the party, but she doesn't want to send everyone into a panic. So I'm running back and forth between the party and the room with the bomb trying to find out from the bad guys how to deactivate it. The bomb doesn't go off, but it's not because of anything I did. The bad guys just didn't know how to work it. I go back upstairs and the commander had a medal for me. I want to tell her I didn't really do anything, but there are lots of people watching.

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