Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1) I'm deployed, but I'm in some kind of tropical area instead of the desert. There are these small lakes all over the place with huge metal structures in them, and these big beams swinging back and forth all the time. The commander has imposed all these ridiculous rules about when we have to do our laundry and getting our pictures taken. I'm sitting with a small group of people in the rec center waiting for our pictures to get taken, and we decide to play cards for a while. One girl there is really picky about where she sits and how the cards are dealt. Hillary Clinton comes in and sits down next to us and starts playing solitaire. I go into the bathroom to check my hair for the picture, then up to the dorm where all these guys are gathering people's bed linens. I see a Cody and MSgt Dawdy, who's already retired but visiting in civilian clothes, and say hi, but they just look at me funny so I leave. I walk outside and Nick and Neil are setting up a sleeping area on this overlook. I want to sleep out there, too, but it looks kinda dangerous.

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