Monday, October 08, 2007

1) Tom Cruise and some hot girl and I are trying to break in to a big skyscraper and we're haning on cables from the roof. We're swinging all over and trying to find a weak spot in the structure. We get to the ground, and we're walking around trying not to be seen by the workers in the building. We get inside, but as soon as we do, a guy sees us and pulls the alarm. We start running, and the girl gets away, but Tom and I get captured. The building is the headquarters for some religious cult that practices mind-control. They put this weird thing around Tom's neck and I never see him again. They keep trying to get me to put one around my neck, too, but I refuse. Everybody is being really nice to me, but I know it's just becaus they want me to join their cult. They interrogate me and finally, let me go home with some people who live in the town. I walk into their apartment, and they tell me I can make one phone call. I call my Grandfather, and he's kinda disoriented because he can't understand why I'm calling. I tell him he just needs to come and pick me up. He's driving around and can't understand where I'm talking about, so I call my Grandmother and she starts talking to me about how she doesn't like the small buttons on her new phone.

2) I'm at some kind of camp with Garah, and we're walking around and checking out different activities. There's one activity based on "Saved By The Bell" where Jessie Spano wants to get breast-augmentation surgery. Garah says it's ridiculous, but secretly, I want to see what happens. We keep walking and find out we have to march in some demonstration, and everyone's meeting at a park. I have to go to the bathroom, and when I walk in, I see this guy making out with some teenage girl. I walk outside to see if I can find her parents. I see some people from work, and they tell me about how one week in the summer, they close off this whole area and it becomes a nudist colony.

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