Thursday, October 04, 2007

1) I go down to Dallas to visit Abby. She picke me up at the airport and takes me to her house, which is different than before and huge. Her family is there, and I awkwardly ask if it's okay if my parents come and stay for a few days. They say it's fine and I go and pick my parents up at the airport. We drive around Dallas for a while, and then go back to Abby's. It's late at night and I'm talking to my parents but trying not to make a lot of noise. The next day, I have to get back to the airport, and I also have to take MSgt Frey with me, and I really can't stand him. All I have is a little mini-truck to take all our luggage, and I'm relieved when I find out he's going to be riding his bike. I wonder how long it's going to take him to get there, and if he'll even be able to ride his bike on the interstate. As I'm driving to the airport, I stop at Dairy Queen because I want some ice cream. They put tons of strawberries in my ice cream, and it's really good.

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