Monday, January 29, 2007

1) I'm going TDY to Japan, and we travel over there by boat. It's raining the whole time, and even after we get there, it's still raining. We're trying to figure out our mission, and I think there's some kind of competition going on. George Bush is supposed to visit while we're there, so security is really tight. We're all getting a briefing in the theatre, and the lights go out. We can hear the rain coming down outside, and I'm really creeped out. I get up and go outside, and it's still raining.

2) I'm visiting my cousins in South Carolina, and I find a box of all my old Transformers up in their attic. I get them out and start playing with them.

3) Some guy and I are going to see Gwen Stefani in concert. We get to the venue really early, and it's all general admission, so we get a really good seat in the front. There's a big fence along the side of the stage, and we sit next to it. The guy goes to get something to drink, and while he's gone, Gwen is on the stage rehearsing. She comes right next to me, and I smile at her. She says, "Thanks for coming," and continues rehearsing. When the guy gets back, I tell him that Gwen talked to me, but he doesn't believe me.

Friday, January 26, 2007

1) I'm in the desert, and I hear we're going to get forward deployed to another base. I go back to my room, which is in a huge barracks with a bunch of bunk beds, and I start packing all my stuff. I see Nick and a few other guys, and they're already taking their stuff to the drop-off point. We have several hours before we're supposed to be there, so I go to the other side of the base because Gwen Stefani is performing a USO show. I'm backstage, and Gwen is singing, and she brings me out on stage, so I start dancing around with her for the whole song. I don't want to look like an idiot, so I leave the stage after the song. I'm talking to some old civilian man afterward, and Gwen comes back there, and she smiles at me, but that's it. I go back to my barracks and grab my stuff. There are some other guys there, as well, and I ask if they want a ride to the drop-off point. I start thinking that maybe I should have taken a shower before we get on the plane.