Friday, January 26, 2007

1) I'm in the desert, and I hear we're going to get forward deployed to another base. I go back to my room, which is in a huge barracks with a bunch of bunk beds, and I start packing all my stuff. I see Nick and a few other guys, and they're already taking their stuff to the drop-off point. We have several hours before we're supposed to be there, so I go to the other side of the base because Gwen Stefani is performing a USO show. I'm backstage, and Gwen is singing, and she brings me out on stage, so I start dancing around with her for the whole song. I don't want to look like an idiot, so I leave the stage after the song. I'm talking to some old civilian man afterward, and Gwen comes back there, and she smiles at me, but that's it. I go back to my barracks and grab my stuff. There are some other guys there, as well, and I ask if they want a ride to the drop-off point. I start thinking that maybe I should have taken a shower before we get on the plane.

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