Monday, September 18, 2006

1) I’m back at Hill in some kind of military exercise. I leave to go to lunch, and I go to a house in the suburbs. Christina Aguilera is there, and she’s my girlfriend. We eat lunch together and have a nice conversation. We go back to her bedroom and watch TV for a while, and this other random guy shows up and takes his shirt off and lays on the floor. He and Christina have a conversation, and I’m a little jealous of him, mostly because he has six-pack abs. I’m worried that when I leave to go back to work, Christina is going to start making out with him or something.

2) I’m at work, and this doctor comes by and asks me to come to his house with him. I get into his car, and he starts talking to me about his life and his family. We get to his house and go inside. He tells me to make myself at home and to get on the internet if I want. I get online and start looking at I hear this strange moaning sound coming from his basement. I open the door and it’s some kind of big dungeon. I look closer and see an old lady. The doctor guy come in and tells me it’s my Mom, and that she’s much happier down there. I get kinda worried that he’s set a big trap for me, and try to think of a way to get my Mom and myself out of there. He also tells me that my Mom has a daughter that she never told us about, but I find it hard to believe.

3) I somehow sprain my ankle, and when I go to the doctor to have it checked out, they make me have a psych evaluation, just in case. I start going to the psychiatrist, a really attractive female, a lot and we have great conversations about my life and Elliott Smith. When I leave her office, I end up at Garah’s house, and there are lots of people there swimming in the pool. The doctors tell me I’ll always be in Room 34 to see the psychiatrist, and there’s a big board with room numbers on it at Garah’s house, so whenever 34 lights up, I have to go see my psychiatrist.

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