Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1) I have an apartment somewhere in addition to my house, and Jeff lives next door to me there, as well. Chris, Feddie, and Taylor come over to take me shopping, and as we're walking out the door, Jeff stops and gives me a candle that has all his recreation trips for the year listed. We leave and go to a mall of some sort, and I have on this really tight grey outfit. It's so tight, that it's making my feet skid across the floor, and eventually, I start flying, feet-first. We leave the mall and hop on a train back to my house. The train is crowded, so we get on top, where there are a bunch of other people. The train stops, and we climb down, but we realise the train didn't stop on purpose. It hit something or something is wrong. We go to the front of the train, and someone has put something on the tracks. Another train comes by on the opposite track, but doesn't even slow down.

2) I'm taking some kind of lifeguard class at a big resort. Ethan's girlfriend is there, but I can't remember her name. After the class, we're sitting around talking about what we could do to improve it. I leave and go home, and my parents and a bunch of other people are there. Some old lady is taking a shower in my bathroom. I'm wanting to go meet some friends, so I skip taking a shower. I want to put on some cologne, and I open this big cabinet and there are all these different types of cologne in there, many still in the box and unopened. I'm going through them, and I can't decide which one to wear because they all smell the same. I see one is Rolling Stone cologne (the magazine, not the band), and I figure since they all smell the same, I might as well wear that one.

Monday, January 26, 2009

1) I get to work, and I'm sent out to the flightline on a job with Joann. We're driving around, but I'm not sure exactly what we're doing. We go back to the shop, and I'm still in PT gear. I ask MSgt Hammes if he wants me to put on my uniform and he says yes. I go to my desk, and there is a bunch of weird stuff happening on my computer. SSgt Smith gets mad at me because he doesn't think I know who Nelson Mandella is. I get an e-mail about how the whole wing is going to run PT in formation, so I print it out and post it on the wall.

Friday, January 23, 2009

1) I'm at work, and we're clearing out a bunch of old stuff behind our shop. There's some kind of musical going on in the background, but I can't make out what it is. TSgt Scott keeps asking me all these weird questions about school and stuff. I find an old box and it has all my high school yearbooks in it. I start looking through them, and Corey is laughing at all my old pictures. Then TSgt Scott calls everyone to attention and tells them I'm leaving to go back to school and it's the greatest honour ever.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1) I'm shopping at a Gap somewhere, and it's New Years Eve. There are a bunch of people from my squadron shopping there, too, but I don't know who they are. I'm looking for this weird orange scented candle they used to have, and I find some other orange stuff, but not the candle. I leave and go to H&M because they're having a big sale. I find a shirt that I've been wanting, and it's on a rack that's totally crammed with other shirts. I try to find my size, but every time I grab one, I pull it out and it's a different shirt altogether.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

1) I'm meeting Shaun, Keena, and some other people to go snowboarding. They're already at the top of the mountain, and I'm at the bottom. I have my boots on, but my board is at the top. I borrow someone's skis and somehow ski to the top of the mountain. I get there and find everyone, but now I have to go to the rental place to get a board. They give me this big glass tube that I'm supposed to use. Then I realise I already have my board, but now I need boots. So I wait around for the people working at the rental place to give me some boots. Right before they give them to me, they put this weird brown paste inside that's supposed to make them fit better and keep my feet warm.

Friday, January 02, 2009

1) I'm visiting Brian Beck, who has a really nice apartment in some big city. His upstairs is basically another apartment, and he only lives in the downstairs part. The guy who lives upstairs is Shawn, a guy I knew in SLC. I'm wondering how Brian and Shawn know each other. I leave Brian's apartment, and I'm walking through a park. It's really cold outside, and I trudge up this really steep hill. I'm almost to the top, and I look over and see Paul walking toward me. We meet at the top of the hill, and on the other side is a huge valley. The sun is coming up over the mountains on the other side, and it's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.

2) I volunteer in some war-torn third world country to help some rebels who are fighting against their unfair government. I don't interfere directly in the war, but I'm giving medical aid to the rebels. I'm out on the battlefield, and there are people lying injured everywhere. I'm trying to crawl to them and avoid getting hit by gunfire and bombs. I reach a guy who's bleeding really bad, and he asks me why I'm helping him.

3) I'm going to a Madonna concert with Tracey and Nikki from college and Johnny, Corey, and a few other people. Our tickets don't have assigned seats, so when we walk up to the door, there's an old lady giving out specific seats. Tracey, Nikki, and I keep going up to her, trying to get better seats. She puts me by myself, but it looks like a good seat on the chart. When we walk into the venue, it's really small, and I'm excited that Madonna is even playing here at all. When I get to my seat, though, it's in a little pit, and I can't see the stage very well. I'm wondering if I can move around to an empty seat when the show gets started, but soon, all the empty seats fill up. The opening band comes out, and it's a band made up of a really big family. There are little kids playing drums and the parents are singing. I'm thinking it's a really odd choice to open for Madonna, but I'll just go with it, and hopefully it will give me time to find a better seat.