Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1) I'm in Kentucky, and I'm going on a big camping trip with a bunch of people. We're going to caravan, with some people driving a big truck with bicycles and motorcycles towed behind. I'm riding a really cool blue sport bike, and we're getting ready to cross the bridge over the Ohio. I see something to the side of the road right before we get to the bridge, so I stop. Someone has gone off the road and down into the riverbank. A few others in the caravan stop behind me. I get out my phone, which looks really different, and try to call 911. Some really hot black girl has her cell phone out, too, but whenever she opens it up, it messes up everyone else's reception. Ryan was in a vehicle ahead of us, and he comes back across the river to find out what's up. He says he's going to take my bike across and put it on the trailer. Before I can say anything, he's already on my bike, but when I look again, there are two bicycles instead of one motorcycle. He pedals away, and I'm still trying to find out what happened to the guy who went into the river.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm in a big city in Japan, perhaps Sendai, and I'm walking around downtown trying to find where I'm supposed to be. I walk into a school, but I can't read any of the signs, so I'm following pictures and end up in a pit at the bottom of some stairs. I get out and walk outside, and end up getting on some kind of rainbow coloured blimp with a bunch of other Americans. But we're not in the blimp...we're riding on top of it, but it has seats there, so it's kinda safe. Still, when we're flying through the air, I keep feeling like I'm falling off. The lady next to me keeps grabbing me by my pants and pulling me back on. The blimp lands in another city (Morioka?), and we all get off. I see Rachel walking with another girl, but she doesn't look interested in talking to me. I walk to a cool concert venue that I think I've been to before, possibly with Caleb Moore.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm walking around campus at Kentucky Wesleyan. It's getting dark and I need to head home. I get in my truck and drive to some kind of underground ferry. I get out of my car and see Katie Holmes. I start walking with her toward the passenger deck, but I can't get on because I left my ID in my car. Jack Black is there, and he starts making threats toward us. I don't have time to get my ID, so I start wandering around the parking garage part with Katie. Jack is following us, and we're really scared. He keeps getting closer and closer, saying he's going to kill us. Katie runs away, and I turn around just as Jack is getting ready to jump me. I put my hands out and grab his neck. I start strangling him. I'm surprised at how easy it is. He falls over in a corner, dead. I'm so tired I pass out. I wake up and Katie is standing over me. She helps me up and I realise I've been sleeping next to Jack's body. We walk outside and the sun has come up.

Monday, June 02, 2008

1) It's night time, and I'm in a big hedge maze, but the hedges are pretty low, so I can see around okay. It's big enough to drive my truck through, and there are all kinds of old statues everywhere. Tavia and Theresa are there, and we're looking for Theresa's son, Landon. I keep running into people I know from high school, but I can never talk long to any of them because we're trying to find Landon. We find a bunch of people on a hayride going through the maze, so we jump on board and start looking for Landon. The people on the hayride are kinda surprised, but we tell them we're on a mission. We get back in my truck and head toward this huge mansion on one side off the maze. We get closer and we see Landon playing in one of the rooms on the second story. Theresa says we can go back and talk to my high school friends because she just wanted to know where he was.