Friday, August 08, 2008

1) My brother and his wife decide to have a second wedding, this one more formal and in a Church. I'm getting ready to go to the wedding, and my Grandmother asks if I can help her get ready. I'm retrieving her shoes and purse, and I accidentally trip and mess up her hair. She's very upset, but tries not to let me know. I take her to her house so she can redo it. Her house is all decorated for Valentine's Day. We get to the wedding and I see my Mom all dressed up. I tell her she's beautiful and I start crying.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

1) I'm working on a highway construction crew, and it's the end of the day and we're driving home. I'm sitting in the bed of a pickup truck with a few other guys. We're driving down this narrow highway with big walls on either side. Suddenly, a big barrel starts rolling at us, but because of the walls, the driver can't go around it. The barrel bounces right over us. Then another one, which also bounces over us. Then a really big barrel comes at us. Each time, we think it's going to kill us, but it keeps bouncing over us. We stop the truck to check out the big barrel. Then we see another truck coming toward us. We think it's going to help us take care of all the barrels, but it just keeps charging toward us. Just when we think it's going to hit us, it starts to fly over us. The tail end of the truck lands on me and two other guys. It feels like it's crushing us, but we don't die.

2) I'm at a really big church, attending a service on Sunday morning. After the service, I'm walking out and see a little shop next to the exit. I go inside and buy a poster. When I pay for it, the cashier girl apologises because it's a really expensive poster. I tell her I don't care. There are two girls in line behind me, and they are giggling. I glance at them, and one says, "You smell like alcohol!" I tell the cashier girl I'd also like a Corona, and she rings it up and hands it to me. Then the girl behind me says, "Your fingernails are dirty!" I tell her I work construction, and then I give her the poster I just bought. They both giggle some more. I walk outside with the beer and start drinking it. I'm trying to remember where I parked, and I'm trying to think of the best place to drink the beer. I don't want to sit in my truck and drink it, but there aren't any tables or anything around.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1) My parents and their friends are visiting Vegas with me. I have my own hotel room, and one day I come back and there's some old guy sitting on my bed. I start talking to him, and he's really nice, but he keeps wanting me to lay down with him. I ask how he got in, and he says there weren't any other rooms left, so they just threw him in with me. I leave the room and meet my parents at the mall inside the casino. I see an Armani store, and I'm trying on sunglasses. My parents tell me they're going to buy my a pair, but I can't decide on which ones I want. I can tell the sales lady is getting frustrated because I keep trying on different pairs and none of them look just right. One pair looks like it was made out of meat, and when I pick them up, they fall apart. Mom gives me some really expensive gloves, and I think she wants me to use them to pay for the sunglasses, but the Armani lady says they only take cash.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

1) It's near Christmas, and I'm back in Kentucky. I'm doing some Christmas shopping. After leaving the mall, I go by Toys-R-Us, and it's really new and modern. They have all these really fancy, hi-tech toys. I go to another part of the store, and it's all action figures. Everyone is sitting around playing with these GI Joes that take on the shape of your face when you hold them. I go to another part and see a bunch of life-size Transformers, and they're having an argument about something. I see all my friends from Italy there, and they're talking about how you can become a cartoon character on the Simpsons, and when you sleep, your cartoon character self lives in Simpsonland. It kinda creeps me out, so I pass. Jason says he needs to go home, but he doesn't want to sleep at his house, so I tell him he can crash at my house.