Saturday, August 02, 2008

1) It's near Christmas, and I'm back in Kentucky. I'm doing some Christmas shopping. After leaving the mall, I go by Toys-R-Us, and it's really new and modern. They have all these really fancy, hi-tech toys. I go to another part of the store, and it's all action figures. Everyone is sitting around playing with these GI Joes that take on the shape of your face when you hold them. I go to another part and see a bunch of life-size Transformers, and they're having an argument about something. I see all my friends from Italy there, and they're talking about how you can become a cartoon character on the Simpsons, and when you sleep, your cartoon character self lives in Simpsonland. It kinda creeps me out, so I pass. Jason says he needs to go home, but he doesn't want to sleep at his house, so I tell him he can crash at my house.

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