Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1) My parents and their friends are visiting Vegas with me. I have my own hotel room, and one day I come back and there's some old guy sitting on my bed. I start talking to him, and he's really nice, but he keeps wanting me to lay down with him. I ask how he got in, and he says there weren't any other rooms left, so they just threw him in with me. I leave the room and meet my parents at the mall inside the casino. I see an Armani store, and I'm trying on sunglasses. My parents tell me they're going to buy my a pair, but I can't decide on which ones I want. I can tell the sales lady is getting frustrated because I keep trying on different pairs and none of them look just right. One pair looks like it was made out of meat, and when I pick them up, they fall apart. Mom gives me some really expensive gloves, and I think she wants me to use them to pay for the sunglasses, but the Armani lady says they only take cash.

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