Thursday, October 30, 2008

1) I'm living in a dorm, and after work one day, I see Mikey and ask if he wants to get dinner that night. He says yes, and I tell him I'll try to find Jay so he can go, too. I look all over for Jay, and when I find him, he's volunteering to help with some kind of banquet that night. He asks if I can move his truck for him. His truck is really big, and I'm worried about hitting stuff because I'm not used to driving it. Joe Powell is there, too, and he's trying to get stuff prepared for the banquet, and I tell him I haven't seen him since high school.

2) I'm walking around some town in Italy with Meredith and a couple other people. We stop in a little clothing store, and Meredith is picking out cool shirts for me. I start talking to the manager and she asks if I want to work there. I tell her I will, but that I can only work nights. I start meeting all the other people that work there, and I find that Theresa has moved to Italy and is working there, too. I get a copy of the next week's schedule, and I'm not on it yet. I keep asking if they want to me to work that weekend, and they say everyone works the weekends. I get worried about what time I'm supposed to be there. I walk outside, and the manager is sitting under a tree, and she tells me to come sit down. Then she starts asking me about the lyrics to a song she heard and what they mean. Something about a silver ladder and making a clock.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1) There is a hurricane or something coming, and I'm at home helping everyone pack things up and move to a better place. I see Dan and Paul, who I didn't think knew each other. I'm carrying a bunch of bags, and I'm trying to catch up with them, but they're really far ahead. After we drop off everything, a bunch of us are at a bar. I'm sitting with Joann, and I see Dan at another table. I'm wondering why he hasn't talked to me yet, and I think he and Joann would get along great. I get up to see if Joann wants to meet Dan, but when I turn around, she's gone. Corey says she's gone on another cruise.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1) I'm on base and some kind of exercise is going on, but I'm not really playing in it. I'm really hungry and I see a carload of girls going to lunch together, so I ask if I can hop in. I get inside, and they're all really funny and telling jokes and stuff. We get to a big cafeteria, and I sit at a table. I'm waiting for the girls to sit down, and there are a couple guys at a nearby table being really obnoxious. I think that maybe I should go beat one of them up, but they're both much bigger than me. Then I think it won't matter if I get beat up because they were the ones being rude and I will get sympathy from the girls. We go back outside and we're going to go back to work, but someone's car needs to be towed, so we're trying to find out how to tie the cars together. Amy Poehler is there, and I want to tell her this great idea I have for an SNL skit, but I'm sure she hears stuff like that all the time. We end up having, like, seven or eight cars tied together in a big train, but the only thing holding them together is a little magnet. I'm waiting at the exit and I see the first five cars drive by, but the last two or three got left behind.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1) Sherry and Jennifer, two girls from high school, come through Italy and stop for a visit. We decide to go shopping and end up at a mall in Utah. We go into a store and they're both looking for girl clothes, but I can't find the men's section. They catch up with me, and we find the men's section, but it's really small, and I don't find anything I like. We go back to Garah's house, which looks like my grandparents' house. We're tossing the frisbee outside, and it starts raining. Amy shows up, and we keep playing, even though it's totally pouring. We go back inside, and everyone takes off their wet clothes and I feel really awkward. Sherry is totally staring at my junk.

2) I'm working outside the Chapel, for some reason, and it's early in the morning. Some people show up, and are waiting outside. I use my work keys to let them in. They start singing songs, and invite me to hang out with them. They start getting really charismatic and waving their hands and dancing around. I just kinda stand there with my head bowed, but this lady next to me keeps grabbing my hands and rubbing on my arms. She pushes me into a crowd in the middle of the room and I can hear them all singing and crying. The song is really beautiful.

3) Jon and Garah are babysitting two little black girls, and decide to take them to the pool. They invite me, and when we get to the pool, it's really crowded. One of the girls has some legos, and we start to build some kind of castle. She wants to take the legos out on a raft in the water, but I tell her they'll fall off and get lost. We continue putting the castle together on the side. Garah goes over to the fence and suddenly falls asleep on the ground. Jon goes over and falls asleep, too. I walk over and I smell some kind of weird gas and I get really tired, but I keep myself awake. I grab Jon and Garah by the feet and try to pull them away. The girls are walking over, but I tell them to stay away. Nobody else seems to realise what's going on.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

1) I'm trying to organise some kind of movie night on base, but Corey has the movie we're supposed to watch, and nobody knows where he is. Somebody tells me that the fire fighters have a bunch of movies, so I get in a truck and head to the fire department. For some reason, I'm in my blues, and while I'm driving there, this girl hops in the back of the truck. She's a lieutenant, and she's in her blues, as well. We have to trek through the woods to get to the fire station, and we meet up with two other guys, both in their blues, too. After we get there, I'm hanging out with the fire fighters, and they get me to eat this sandwich made with two sugar cookies and some kind of blue paste in the middle. Afterward, I have to lie down. They put this big blue tarp over me, and I pretend to go to sleep. I feel somebody crawl on top of me and put something on my neck.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

1) I'm shopping at a grocery store, and a lady that works there tells me I could be shopping more efficiently. She hands me a list of food to buy, and tells me I have a certain amount of time to get it. I start racing around the store, but some of the stuff on the list they don't have. She keeps checking on me, and I'm trying to read the labels on all the stuff I'm buying, just to take more time to spite her. The lady is being really condescending, and when she walks the other way, I put all the food back. I'm walking toward the exit, and I see Pat Gamblin walking in, but she's talking on her cell phone, so I just smile and wave. Then my whole family is behind her. Dad asks why I'm upset, but just then I see MSgt Lewis's daughter and she's about to fall down, so I run to catch her.

2) I'm in the middle of a road and a bunch of friends from high school are on the side of the road. There's a car coming, so I'm walking to the side of the road and I drop my cell phone. I just leave it in the road, and when I turn around, the car runs right over it. I go back to grab it, and my phone isn't damaged at all, but it looks different and folds in half to make it smaller and easier to fit in my pocket. All my friends are going out to eat, so I follow them to the restaurant. When I get there, they're deciding whether to stay or not.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

1) I'm in my shop, and this lady with a baby comes in and asks if she can use my computer. I assume she's the wife of someone in the squadron, so I say yes. I log off, and when I take my card out, all these web pages start flashing on the screen, none of which I've ever been to. A few of them are pornographic, and I'm a little embarrassed. I tell her I don't know why they're coming up like that, and she acts like she doesn't believe me. Then some really weird pages about African art come up, and I'm all, "Really, I have no interest in African art." Then she starts to believe me. Tony Hairston comes in and starts telling jokes to Ryan. I hear the joke, but I keep missing the punch lines, and I don't want to act like an idiot and keep asking him to repeat the punch lines.