Tuesday, October 07, 2008

1) I'm shopping at a grocery store, and a lady that works there tells me I could be shopping more efficiently. She hands me a list of food to buy, and tells me I have a certain amount of time to get it. I start racing around the store, but some of the stuff on the list they don't have. She keeps checking on me, and I'm trying to read the labels on all the stuff I'm buying, just to take more time to spite her. The lady is being really condescending, and when she walks the other way, I put all the food back. I'm walking toward the exit, and I see Pat Gamblin walking in, but she's talking on her cell phone, so I just smile and wave. Then my whole family is behind her. Dad asks why I'm upset, but just then I see MSgt Lewis's daughter and she's about to fall down, so I run to catch her.

2) I'm in the middle of a road and a bunch of friends from high school are on the side of the road. There's a car coming, so I'm walking to the side of the road and I drop my cell phone. I just leave it in the road, and when I turn around, the car runs right over it. I go back to grab it, and my phone isn't damaged at all, but it looks different and folds in half to make it smaller and easier to fit in my pocket. All my friends are going out to eat, so I follow them to the restaurant. When I get there, they're deciding whether to stay or not.

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