Thursday, October 30, 2008

1) I'm living in a dorm, and after work one day, I see Mikey and ask if he wants to get dinner that night. He says yes, and I tell him I'll try to find Jay so he can go, too. I look all over for Jay, and when I find him, he's volunteering to help with some kind of banquet that night. He asks if I can move his truck for him. His truck is really big, and I'm worried about hitting stuff because I'm not used to driving it. Joe Powell is there, too, and he's trying to get stuff prepared for the banquet, and I tell him I haven't seen him since high school.

2) I'm walking around some town in Italy with Meredith and a couple other people. We stop in a little clothing store, and Meredith is picking out cool shirts for me. I start talking to the manager and she asks if I want to work there. I tell her I will, but that I can only work nights. I start meeting all the other people that work there, and I find that Theresa has moved to Italy and is working there, too. I get a copy of the next week's schedule, and I'm not on it yet. I keep asking if they want to me to work that weekend, and they say everyone works the weekends. I get worried about what time I'm supposed to be there. I walk outside, and the manager is sitting under a tree, and she tells me to come sit down. Then she starts asking me about the lyrics to a song she heard and what they mean. Something about a silver ladder and making a clock.

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