Sunday, October 12, 2008

1) Sherry and Jennifer, two girls from high school, come through Italy and stop for a visit. We decide to go shopping and end up at a mall in Utah. We go into a store and they're both looking for girl clothes, but I can't find the men's section. They catch up with me, and we find the men's section, but it's really small, and I don't find anything I like. We go back to Garah's house, which looks like my grandparents' house. We're tossing the frisbee outside, and it starts raining. Amy shows up, and we keep playing, even though it's totally pouring. We go back inside, and everyone takes off their wet clothes and I feel really awkward. Sherry is totally staring at my junk.

2) I'm working outside the Chapel, for some reason, and it's early in the morning. Some people show up, and are waiting outside. I use my work keys to let them in. They start singing songs, and invite me to hang out with them. They start getting really charismatic and waving their hands and dancing around. I just kinda stand there with my head bowed, but this lady next to me keeps grabbing my hands and rubbing on my arms. She pushes me into a crowd in the middle of the room and I can hear them all singing and crying. The song is really beautiful.

3) Jon and Garah are babysitting two little black girls, and decide to take them to the pool. They invite me, and when we get to the pool, it's really crowded. One of the girls has some legos, and we start to build some kind of castle. She wants to take the legos out on a raft in the water, but I tell her they'll fall off and get lost. We continue putting the castle together on the side. Garah goes over to the fence and suddenly falls asleep on the ground. Jon goes over and falls asleep, too. I walk over and I smell some kind of weird gas and I get really tired, but I keep myself awake. I grab Jon and Garah by the feet and try to pull them away. The girls are walking over, but I tell them to stay away. Nobody else seems to realise what's going on.

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