Wednesday, October 08, 2008

1) I'm trying to organise some kind of movie night on base, but Corey has the movie we're supposed to watch, and nobody knows where he is. Somebody tells me that the fire fighters have a bunch of movies, so I get in a truck and head to the fire department. For some reason, I'm in my blues, and while I'm driving there, this girl hops in the back of the truck. She's a lieutenant, and she's in her blues, as well. We have to trek through the woods to get to the fire station, and we meet up with two other guys, both in their blues, too. After we get there, I'm hanging out with the fire fighters, and they get me to eat this sandwich made with two sugar cookies and some kind of blue paste in the middle. Afterward, I have to lie down. They put this big blue tarp over me, and I pretend to go to sleep. I feel somebody crawl on top of me and put something on my neck.

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