Sunday, March 29, 2009

1) I'm deployed, and I'm staying in a trailer with Johnny and Jenny. We're walking around camp, trying to find out way around. We decide to go get something to eat. I decide I'm going to take a truck to the chow hall, and I'm driving there and realise I don't have any shoes on. So I turn around and go back to camp. As I'm pulling in the gate, I see Johnny and Jenny walking out. I ask them to wait for me. The gate guard stops me, and I start talking to him in Italian, but he responds in Spanish. Another guard gives me a check that my Mom sent for $8,203.56. I'm kinda freaking out and wondering why my Mom sent me so much money. I drive back to my room, and it seems like it's taking a long time to get there. I wonder if Johnny and Jenny will still be waiting for me at the gate.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1) I'm home, and my family goes to Church in Morganfield. All the pews are turned sideways, and at the end of the service, the preacher gives a really long prayer. I look around and see all the people that were old when I was a kid, and they're still there. We leave Church, and go to a big trash heap. We're supposed to be looking for something, but it's really disgusting, and for some reason, I don't have any shoes on, so I don't really want to walk around in all the garbage.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

1) I'm going to some kind of Church retreat along the coast in Ireland. I'm driving up there, and there's another guy in the car with me. We're wanting to get there a little early, and we're going by GPS directions. It seems like we're taking a long time to get there. We finally arrive, and there are tons of people there already, helping us find where to put our stuff. There are all these small-group leaders lined up under big signs saying what group they're leading. The guy who rode with me is talking on his cell phone, and plays some kind of prank that gets everyone mad at him.