Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1) I'm home visiting my parents, and we go out to eat with their Wednesday night crew. After we get back home, we cut into a cheesecake I made earlier that day. After we eat, I see there are tons of dishes in the sink, so I start washing them. But every time I wash a dish, there seems to be even more. I try washing them faster, but they somehow keep piling up. I decide to give up, and maybe do some more in the morning. I go into another room where everyone is watching television. I sit on a really comfortable sofa and pull a blanket over me. A little brown dachshund jumps on my lap, and it's the friendliest dog ever. I start petting it and playing with it, and I feel like we kinda understand each other. I instantly fall in love with this dog. The next morning, everyone is really sad, and I feel like it has something to do with the dog. There's another family staying at our house, and they have all their bags packed and we have to take them to the airport.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

1) I'm riding on some kind of environmentally-friendly electric motorcycle that hovers above the ground. I think I'm in Chicago, and I'm riding downtown by the river. I'm not really sure of my destination. I'm just riding around, trying to find someplace cool to go. I end up stopping at a pre-school. There are all these mothers outside waiting to pick up their children, and I start up a conversation with one. She asks about my motorcycle and I start making up a bunch of stuff about it, hoping that she doesn't know the real answer. MSgt Hammes comes out and he and I go to this big bookstore. He buys something, but I don't see what it is.