Monday, November 29, 2004

1) I'm working at some kind of school or church, and there's a really famous guy coming to speak, and I'm the one who has to coordinate everything. So, the guy arrives, and I'm showing him around the campus. There are Japanese people everywhere, and he keeps asking questions about them. He wants to get a haircut, so I take him to the barber shop. I leave to use the bathroom, and when I come back, he's gone. So, I'm desperately searching all over campus for this guy so he can make it to his speech on time.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

1) I'm on a raft in the middle of a lake with my brother, and there's a shark swimming around us. I'm worried because I have these big scars across my chest like I've been enbalmed, and my blood is leaking out, which is what is attracting the shark. My brother wants to catch the shark. We float over toward a big pyramid sticking out of the water and get on. My brother attacks and kills the shark, and we haul it up on the side of the pyramid. My brother swims for shore to go let people know he caught the shark.

(Editorial note: In the middle of the night, after the first dream, we had a decent sized earthquake in Misawa, which woke me up, but I soon went back to sleep.)

2) I'm at home telling everyone about the great earthquake we had in Japan.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

1) I'm on the back porch of the house in Morganfield talking to my Dad. The sky starts to get really dark, and I start telling my Dad a story about getting struck by lighting. The wind starts blowing really hard, so I run out into the yard, hoping it will happen again. Lightning starts stiking all over the yard, but not on me, so I'm running around aimlessly in the yard, trying to get hit.
2) I just got married to Cate Blanchett, and she's telling me that it's okay if I want to have sex with other women if we're apart for a long time. She says she's getting ready to help Kanye West record his new album, and she'll probably end up having sex with him, since his studio gets pretty cold sometimes.
1) I'm riding on a train with Kate Winslet, and she's running around hysterically all over the place. When the train stops, we get off, and these guys take her and thank me for taking care of her.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

1) I'm on Hoth, the ice planet, like in "The Empire Strikes Back," and I'm like the Han Solo character, and I have to go out into the blizzard and find Luke Skywalker before he gets eaten by the big snowman monster. But instead of taking one of those big upright horse with horns thing, I drive a little blue pickup truck. So I'm driving this truck in the blizzard looking for Luke, and I see him out in the middle of nowhere running from the big monster. I stop in front of him, and we decide the best course of action is to try and hide in the bed of the truck and cover ourselves with snow. We don't do a very good job covering ourselves and the monster sees us. We're frantically trying to get out of the bed and into the cab of the truck before the monster eats us.

2) I'm working with Caleb up on the hill doing all this top secret stuff. After work everyday, we follow each other home and stop at this greasy little burger joint for dinner. One time, while we're there, this really attractive black lady sits down with us and starts talking. She's really nice, and we're having a good coversation, but then she tries to get us to tell her a bunch of top secret stuff having to do with our job.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

1) I have a second job in Morgainfield, so I have to commute there once a week and stay overnight. I decide to get an apartment, and I'm stocking it with groceries. My apartment is on the second floor of the building, and I'm having a really difficult time getting all the groceries in there. Then, one week, I come back, and someone else is living in my apartment, and I start to wonder if I paid my rent on time.

Monday, November 22, 2004

1) I'm at some kind of rest stop on the side of a highway in the middle of a desert. It's dusk, and I'm trying to change a tire on the vehicle I'm driving. Suddenly, Jeni-Bomb shows up to help me, and tells me I need chains on my tires. I try to tell her that we're in the middle of the desert, but she tells me to trust her. So, I put chains on my tires.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

1) I'm TDY with my boss, and we're staying in the same hotel room. He brings along some kind of hallucinogenic drugs, but we can't do anything because people keep knocking at the door.

Friday, November 19, 2004

1) Jason Johnson and I are walking around the campus of my high school because there is some kind of problem with the pipes in one of the mechanical rooms and we've been sent to fix it. There is also some kind of NAACP function going on, and as we're walking around, people keep staring at us because we're the only white people around. We finish the job, and keep walking until we see some carnival game set up that is being run by Trish. For the game, you have to throw these little balls through holes in a wall, but the balls are really big and the holes are really small and the distance from which you have to throw is ridiculously long. So there's really no way you could win. I talk to Trish for a while, then Jason and I are trying to find our way out, and we have to keep climbing over fences.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

1) I'm deployed, and I'm driving around looking for the place I'm supposed to meet my Mom for lunch. I go into a little restaurant, and Paul and Trish come in right after me.

2) I'm walking around some kind of college campus looking for a meeting I'm supposed to attend. There are lots of other people, including Ryan Halligan, looking for the same meeting. It takes all night for us to find this place, and then we have the meeting. Everyone wants to go to sleep afterward, but I tell my boss that I'll go ahead and work the next day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

1) I'm walking around a college campus with Kerry, and she has to go to class, so I just keep walking around. I'm behind some buildings, and some people and children are talking and throwing a frisbee and stuff, so I join in. These obnoxious little kids start grabbing onto my legs, and my cell phone rings. It's Kerry asking if I can pick her up. Then, one of the little kids grabs my phone and gets his greasy hands all over it. I get my phone back, and all the keys are stuck. So after I pick Kerry up, I start tinkering with my phone and I end up breaking it.

2) I'm in bed, and Mike is laying next to me. I have to go to the bathroom, so I get up and go. As I'm leaving the bathroom, I walk by a strange third bedroom. I go inside, and PJ Harvey is sitting on the bed. I sit down and start talking to her. We have this great conversation about music and education. I put my hand on her leg, and start rubbing it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

1) I'm driving with Caleb in his car, and we're in the county I grew up in, looking for the home of this guy I went through grade school with, Jason Bullock. It's really pretty outside, and all the trees have colorful leaves. I'm trying to remember how to get to this guys house, and I keep leading us in the wrong direction. We drive over this covered bridge, and stop to get out and look at it. When we do, we realize it's actually somebody's house, and the guy who lives there comes out. We start to talk to him, but he just runs away.

Monday, November 15, 2004

1) Dracula and I are running through this field on opposite sides of a fence, but I don't know if he's chasing me or I'm chasing him. I start climbing the fence and he starts yelling at me.

2) I'm playing the pinball machine in our old basement with my old youth minister, Sam. We're both kinda jokingly talking smack about who's going to win. So, it's my turn, and I start playing, and I'm thinking I'm doing really good. I'm hitting all the right little bumpers and lights to get points and stuff. I finish playing my last ball, and when I look up to see my score, it's only 265.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

1) It's early in the morning, and I have a bunch of wood in front of my house. I'm using a circular saw to cut it, but I'm worried I'll wake the neighbours. I'm constantly looking over in the next row of houses to see if Ryan is home.

2) I'm walking through a series of rooms in a building, and end up at some big party with a bunch of rock stars from the 60s. I'm reading a copy of Rolling Stone magazine, and this really rich lady starts asking me stupid questions, and I'm really rude and sarcastic with her. Then, I'm mingling around the party and all these people are handing me beer, so I keep drinking it.

Friday, November 12, 2004

1) Paul, Trish, Jeni-Bomb, Kerry, Caleb and I all get into Caleb's car to go see some kind of big Japanese monument or something. On the way back, we have to drive over this really tall, narrow bridge. As we're driving over it, I start to get really worried there might be an earthquake while we're on the bridge. I don't tell anyone how worried I am, but I can't keep from looking over the side and peering all the way down to the water. We finally make it to the other side, and stop to go to the bathroom. As we're walking around the rest stop, there are some little street peddlers trying to get us to by some cheap trinkets, and they won't leave us alone. So Trish holds up some kind of doll or something like she's selling it, so the peddlers will leave us alone.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

1) My brother and I are driving in a big truck, and we stop at a mall to pick up a present for our Dad. We park the truck, and in the next parking space is Renee Zellweger in this little, tiny, compact car, and she has three kids. She's having some difficulty getting all the children out of their car seats and into strollers and stuff, so we ask if she needs any help. When we get into the store, we're looking around the men's section but can't find anything we like for Dad.

2) I'm join some kind of orchestra, and they tell me they need a bassoon player, so that's what I'll be playing. They give me a brand new bassoon, and I open up the case, but the reed is broken. So I'm trying to find the band director to see if he can help me get a new reed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

1) I'm watching this musical because I know a girl performing in it. In the middle of one of her scenes, she pushes the guy she's on stage with off the stage, and pulls me up there. Somehow, I know the words and the dance steps. Afterward, I go home to this weird looking apartment I'm sharing with Jimmy and some other guy. I just wanted to go home and take a shower before the next performance. So, after I get out of the shower, I go into the kitchen and there are, like, 15 clocks in there and they're all set to different times. So I'm freaking out and yelling at my roommates because I don't know what time it is or when I have to be back to the theatre.

2) I'm in a hotel room somewhere getting ready to go to sleep. I notice someone has laid out little pieces of cheese in all the corners for the mice. So, I tell the staff, and they decide to dig this big hole in the middle of the room to find all the mice. It ends up being this huge gaping hole in the middle of my room. There's this black lady helping dig, and she's standing on the edge, and the ground caves in beneath her. I start to fall in, too, but I crawl out. She's laying face down in the dirt, and she says she's okay, but I'm worried the other side is going to cave in. So, I'm really frantic and looking around for a rope to pull her out.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

1) I'm at work and Ryan Halligan needs help taking some things to the recycling center, so we get in the truck and head up there, but neither of us really know where it is, so we get a little lost. When we finally get there, Bjork is there, too.

Monday, November 08, 2004

1) I'm going to some kind of college that specializes in song writing. I don't live in the dormitory, but I'm walking through there and Mike Flickinger and Mike Cole are playing frisbee in the hallway, so I stop for a while to chat and toss the frisbee. I leave there and go back to my apartment, and my roommate is packing up all his stuff. He wants to move out because he says I'm too loud, so I convince him to stay for the rest of the semester. I leave there, and go to my job as a clerk in some big department store. Heath Schexnider works there, too, and when we get there, we notice the entire staff is there because the manager is really incompetent, and has scheduled everyone for the same shift. I look up and notice the store doesn't have a roof, and the sky is really neat looking, so I point it out to everyone. Everyone is looking up in awe of all the stars, and Heath and I start making out.

2) I'm riding in a car with Johnny Depp, and he's telling me all about what is was like making the movie "Ed Wood."

Sunday, November 07, 2004

1) I'm digging a trench in this meadow that's totally surrounded by forest. There are other people out there working, too, and we see the clouds overhead start to swirl around. I start to run toward a building, but Jeni-Bomb tells me there's not enough time to get there, so, for some reason, I run into the woods. The tornado touches down and it's kinda chasing me all over. I end up finding this dormitory-like building, so I go inside. I'm running around inside the dorm telling people to take cover because there's a tornado outside, and I see Beka and Nina. They are both back in Misawa just to hang out with each other for a while. They'd been in town for a week, and I kinda feel disappointed they hadn't called me yet.

2) I'm riding with my Dad on his boat, and we're in some kind of harbour or something, and we're being towed out into the lake by a bigger boat. There are lots of other boats around, and the harbour is really crowded. We start going faster, and I fall into the water. I'm holding onto a rope, and I keep going under the water, and I'm worried that one of the boats behind us is going to run over me. I somehow get back into the boat, and we get out into the lake. My Dad wants to ski, so he pulls out his skis and the rope. I'm kinda nervous because I've never driven the boat while someone is skiing before.

Friday, November 05, 2004

1) I'm driving through Las Vegas with Justin Hubbard (whom I was friends with in the 5th grade), and I'm telling him about all kinds of good places to eat. We park and as we're walking toward some places to shop, I tell him they should have more outdoor cafes in Vegas. We go inside a mall, and Justin writes a check for $230,000, shows it to me, and says that's his spending limit. Then we go with this weird group of people who are really upset because they think the Earth is no longer rotating on its axis. They're preaching about the end of the world and telling everyone how there's going to be enormous earthquakes and tidal waves and whatnot. Justin and I leave and get on a train out of town.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

1) I'm riding around with a group of people, and we're stopping at different video stores looking for a movie to rent, but nobody can decide. For some reason, we stop at this really fancy restaurant, and one of the guys has to use the bathroom. We all go in, but the guy can't go in the men's room because it's full, so he goes to the ladies' room, and I get really nervous they're going to kick us out.

2) I'm at some party and there are a lot of people from CNN there. Sharon Stone is there, too, and she's bragging about how she killed her husband. The husband's little boy, her step-son, overhears, and gets her to follow him back to his bedroom. He uses some kind of mental or supernatural power and she falls over dead.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

1) I'm in a long hallway and it kinda looks like a high school, but it's rather dark, and I can't see too well. I see someone walking at the other end, so I run toward them, and it's Trish. So I say, "Hey! Whattup?" And she says, "What are YOU doing here?"

Monday, November 01, 2004

1) I'm back at the house in Morganfield with a bunch of people from high school that I didn't really know that well. We're running around outside, and I have a big squirt gun filled with holy water. I run around the house and into the basement, and Jason Berry is there waiting for this older lady to come in so he can try to have sex with her. I tell him I'm going to hide in the corner so I can watch. Then, a bunch of people start coming in and throwing a big party in my basement. Everyone is dancing around and Paris Hilton is there. I start to feel really self conscious because all these other guys have big muscles, and I don't.

2) I'm on a trip with my Mom, and we are driving a rental car. We're on this big highway and it banks really hard to the left. There's a guy in front of us who loses control of his car, and bumps up against us. We pull over and it's Kevin Bacon. He apologises and tells us he'll pay for everything.

2) I'm in Cairns (?) on a retreat or something with a bunch of people from the Hospitality House. We keep splitting up into groups because some people want to go hunting and some people want to go shopping. Don is there and spends all his time on the phone and doesn't come out with us at all. I want to split off from the group and just get lost in the city, but I don't have the guts to ask permission.