Monday, November 01, 2004

1) I'm back at the house in Morganfield with a bunch of people from high school that I didn't really know that well. We're running around outside, and I have a big squirt gun filled with holy water. I run around the house and into the basement, and Jason Berry is there waiting for this older lady to come in so he can try to have sex with her. I tell him I'm going to hide in the corner so I can watch. Then, a bunch of people start coming in and throwing a big party in my basement. Everyone is dancing around and Paris Hilton is there. I start to feel really self conscious because all these other guys have big muscles, and I don't.

2) I'm on a trip with my Mom, and we are driving a rental car. We're on this big highway and it banks really hard to the left. There's a guy in front of us who loses control of his car, and bumps up against us. We pull over and it's Kevin Bacon. He apologises and tells us he'll pay for everything.

2) I'm in Cairns (?) on a retreat or something with a bunch of people from the Hospitality House. We keep splitting up into groups because some people want to go hunting and some people want to go shopping. Don is there and spends all his time on the phone and doesn't come out with us at all. I want to split off from the group and just get lost in the city, but I don't have the guts to ask permission.


dpmclan said...

Sweet and delightfully simple.

Jean-Marie said...

Could you play Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon in your dreams?