Thursday, November 25, 2004

1) I'm on Hoth, the ice planet, like in "The Empire Strikes Back," and I'm like the Han Solo character, and I have to go out into the blizzard and find Luke Skywalker before he gets eaten by the big snowman monster. But instead of taking one of those big upright horse with horns thing, I drive a little blue pickup truck. So I'm driving this truck in the blizzard looking for Luke, and I see him out in the middle of nowhere running from the big monster. I stop in front of him, and we decide the best course of action is to try and hide in the bed of the truck and cover ourselves with snow. We don't do a very good job covering ourselves and the monster sees us. We're frantically trying to get out of the bed and into the cab of the truck before the monster eats us.

2) I'm working with Caleb up on the hill doing all this top secret stuff. After work everyday, we follow each other home and stop at this greasy little burger joint for dinner. One time, while we're there, this really attractive black lady sits down with us and starts talking. She's really nice, and we're having a good coversation, but then she tries to get us to tell her a bunch of top secret stuff having to do with our job.

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